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>> No. 2119 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 10:34 am
2119 I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

There's so much occult in this single video, almost every little detail is a message or reference.
My favourite is the Evolution Chart above the whiteboard showing a halo above the final stage of Man's head.

Analysis of the video (though they miss a lot):

Heliofant homepage- http://www.heliofant.com/
Details about I, Pet Goat II- http://www.heliofant.com/gallery.html
More about Heliofant- http://www.heliofant.com/heliofant.html
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>> No. 2135 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 2:06 pm
2135 spacer
Right... so it's a portrayal of the state of the worlds religions and media after 9/11? Some sort of... spiritual zeitgeist? Promise of a new world order, what with the crumbling churches and buildings. They're made of ice to represent transience? Climate change?

Oh fuck it, it's hardly a coherent message if you're sticking a dozen symbolic features in every frame. This would seem to be one made for people to analyse rather than a direct statement of any sort.

>The reference to pentacostalism (the fire at the heart of suffering) in the film's description is a huge clue as to the studio's motives.

May I ask what you think the studios motives are?
>> No. 2136 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 2:24 pm
2136 spacer
I think the studio and filmmakers' motives are purely evangelical and promoting end-times Christianity. I think the motives of those spreading the video are murkier, and may serve to promote militarism and the continuing War on Terror.
>> No. 2137 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 3:23 pm
2137 spacer
http://www.3dworldmag.com/2012/07/06/friday-animation-fun-i-pet-goat-ii/ for interview with the filmmaker who explains his concepts.
>> No. 2138 Anonymous
15th July 2012
Sunday 3:38 pm
2138 spacer

To me it sounds purely expressive rather than political.
>> No. 2172 Anonymous
21st August 2012
Tuesday 3:51 pm
2172 spacer
It is awfully Christian. Nothing more than Christian propaganda.

>> No. 2076 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 9:28 pm
2076 spacer
Police in Miami have shot dead a man who was chewing the face of another man. Officers were called around 2pm local time on Saturday by drivers who saw two naked men fighting on a bike track next to the city's MacArthur Causeway.

When they arrived at the scene they drew their weapons and ordered the man to stop biting at the other man's face. He ignored them, prompting officers to open fire. Even after being shot, the man continued and the officers fired again, killing him.



Keep your eyes peeled for signs of the zombie apocalypse.
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>> No. 2115 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 12:50 am
2115 spacer

You won't be laughing about that typo when I simply reload to an earlier save state after I die in the apocalypse! Sucker!
>> No. 2116 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 9:52 am
2116 spacer
This is merely news focus, just like when a train crash happens in blighty and you hear a couple of far worse ones from east asia or south america. It's hardly spreading at two cases, lads.
>> No. 2118 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 7:13 pm
2118 spacer

You will be first to die when the containment is breached.
>> No. 2170 Anonymous
21st August 2012
Tuesday 12:23 pm
2170 spacer

Yo, this is old news for amerifags. The guy was apparently hopped up on bath salts or something like that.
>> No. 2171 Anonymous
21st August 2012
Tuesday 12:27 pm
2171 spacer
If you'd paid attention to the timestamps on this thread you'd realise it's old news for us as well, you dribbling cretin.

>> No. 2142 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 1:50 pm
2142 spacer
So what will it be? A hoax alien invasion using project blue beam? A terrorist plot by Iran? A terrorist plot blamed on Iran? A lone wolf attack? A nuclear device buried under the Olympic stadium? Christ's resurrection?
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>> No. 2162 Anonymous
20th August 2012
Monday 3:45 am
2162 spacer
I don't know why people run around thinking we are doomed. I don't find anything wrong with the globalisation of the world. I am for it. Why shouldn't I be? Nobody brings forth anything reasonable other than "lizards", "Jews" and "Illumanati".
>> No. 2165 Anonymous
20th August 2012
Monday 9:41 am
2165 spacer
But...but.. freedoms! liberty! tek our gunz! flouridation!
>> No. 2168 Anonymous
21st August 2012
Tuesday 5:09 am
2168 spacer

Quite right, some of these tinfoil hatted fanatics would even have you believe that wildlife charities are a cover for land-grabs, they all need medicating.
>> No. 2169 Anonymous
21st August 2012
Tuesday 9:52 am
2169 spacer
You don't understand how centralisation of power is a really dangerous thing when it's on a global scale? You don't understand that a small number of super rich families hold an astonishing amount of power and control in the world? You think it's a good thing that the arms, oil, pharmaceutical and financial industries have so much influence over the media and politicians that the can effectively do what they want?

I am genuinely jealous of the bliss you must feel you utter, utter ignoramus.
>> No. 2341 Anonymous
12th January 2013
Saturday 1:22 am
2341 spacer

Couldn't resist.

I'll get my coat.

>> No. 2043 Anonymous
25th April 2012
Wednesday 12:00 am
2043 Remote viewing projects
Wiki for Ingo Swann: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ingo_Swann

Dox from recent NASA Glenn research center hack featuring name "Ronald S Pandolfi" and CIA email address login detail:

Pandolfi's history of intelligence agency high weirdness:
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>> No. 2057 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 4:43 pm
2057 spacer

From what I can make out the DIA Stargate program was indeed binned but more recently the NSA has been spending/wasting money on it.
>> No. 2067 Anonymous
10th May 2012
Thursday 7:10 pm
2067 spacer
Probably some black ops shit. Not to be too 'tinfoil-hat' about things, but it's pretty likely that most governments on the planet are researching and practicing things that they'd rather keep away from the public and their fellow governments of the world.
>> No. 2071 Anonymous
10th May 2012
Thursday 8:43 pm
2071 spacer

Would it be possible for OP to put the pastebin back up?
>> No. 2072 Anonymous
14th May 2012
Monday 5:36 am
2072 spacer
OP here, it was a UGNazi paste,they just got busted, no copy saved here.

Found a copy of 'Psychic Warrior' memoir by a military remote viewer, highly bizarre.
>> No. 2113 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 12:48 am
2113 spacer
I suspect the Soviet and American intelligence got somewhere with this, but aren't likely to broadcast it if it's aces. Even a mild success rate would be good going considering the costs of intelligence in manpower and equipment. Seemingly risk-free too.

You'd hardly publish blueprints of your latest stealth plane or other high tech gear either if really it gave you an edge over the opponents. Could be something to it, maybe not. I'll never be sure unless I'm directly involved with such a project.

Likewise I think many "paranormal" things are probably carefully investigated and some found to contain truth or even practical uses for the government or military. This too is never going to see the light of day in any official capacity.

Keep in mind plenty ex government agents/scientists/military etc. have been "whistleblowers" to less than orthodox projects (from ufos to esp) but even those with better than average experience and credentials will not be taken seriously by the media and majority thanks to the combination of the masses following key opinion formers, counter propaganda muddying the water and the media/public's attitude of "2 cool 4 school" (constant cynical and jaded viewpoint) combined with the emperor's new clothes effect (the consensus view is powerful peer pressure and few want to be seen as an "outsider").

>> No. 2105 Anonymous
7th July 2012
Saturday 3:19 pm
2105 spacer
So this is doing the rounds at the moment, and this seems the right place to drop it.


Anyone got a decent theory of what it's actually trying to say?
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>> No. 2109 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 11:16 pm
2109 spacer

Starts off interestingly enough, then kind of veers of into more mundane territory.

What is it trying to say? Pretty obvious really. And a bit all over the place.
>> No. 2110 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 11:46 pm
2110 spacer
"Psychedelics and the news are a really bad combination"

>> No. 2048 Anonymous
25th April 2012
Wednesday 11:40 pm
2048 spacer
Westminster Coroner's Court was shown a video of what detectives saw as they arrived at his flat on 23 August 2010. There was a cutting from the Observer newspaper about the top five regrets of the dying, make-up and a red wig.


If his body was found in August 2010 then why was there a news article from February 2012 in the video?

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>> No. 2049 Anonymous
25th April 2012
Wednesday 11:51 pm
2049 spacer
There wasn't an article from February 2012 in the video.
>> No. 2108 Anonymous
10th July 2012
Tuesday 11:12 pm
2108 spacer
http://wikispooks.com/wiki/Gareth_Williams for a splendid collection of pertinent links and clues.

As the article writer suggests, the Aangirfan speculative blog really is a must-read. I've been checking out aangirfan for years now, does anyome have any theories on who is behind the blog?

>> No. 2086 Anonymous
8th June 2012
Friday 7:32 pm
2086 Vajrayana Cults

The absense of the Diamond Way, FWO and Aro Ter from the list is mostly due to it being an UScentric blog, however the cult check-list and coverage of the recent deaths in the desert are excellent.
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>> No. 2106 Anonymous
8th July 2012
Sunday 2:01 am
2106 spacer
FWO? Can't find any hits.

And I can't find any particular criticism of the Diamond Way?

And what are we discussing here?
>> No. 2107 Anonymous
9th July 2012
Monday 7:41 pm
2107 spacer
Cor blimey guvnor, what a lot of Dalai Lama Ding Dongs. Some of that behaviour seems frankly neppalling.

>> No. 2013 Anonymous
8th March 2012
Thursday 7:27 pm
2013 spacer
Does anybody know if it's possible for psychedelic drugs to aid in the creation of a tulpa alongside disipline?
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>> No. 2017 Anonymous
8th March 2012
Thursday 9:33 pm
2017 spacer
Hey Alan. Stop pissing about on .gs and finish Jerusalem will you!
>> No. 2018 Anonymous
8th March 2012
Thursday 11:50 pm
2018 spacer

Slick, thanks.
>> No. 2068 Anonymous
10th May 2012
Thursday 7:47 pm
2068 spacer
>Does anybody know if it's possible for psychedelic drugs to aid in the creation of a tulpa alongside disipline?

Translation: I take self-delusion seriously enough to want to cheat at it.
>> No. 2069 Anonymous
10th May 2012
Thursday 8:21 pm
2069 spacer
>I take self-delusion seriously enough to want to cheat at it.

Would it be cheating, or would it be taking the left handed approach?
>> No. 2070 Anonymous
10th May 2012
Thursday 8:38 pm
2070 spacer

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 20.35.23.png
I heard this lad did it all the time!

>> No. 2061 Anonymous
6th May 2012
Sunday 9:54 pm
2061 spacer

This random and out of place sentence caught my attention:
>Scientists have dismissed the idea the perigee could cause strange behaviour - like lycanthropy...

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>> No. 2065 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 3:15 am
2065 spacer
If you want to know why it's bollocks, it's because gravitation is proportional to mass, and the mass of blood (or water) in your body is negligible, so there's no noticeable effect.
>> No. 2066 Anonymous
7th May 2012
Monday 8:41 am
2066 spacer
What makes cancer tenacious? The moon rules the fluids
Including the inner juices of human beings
That which assimilates and feeds the body
So the crab feeds his astral plane
Assimilating and distributing all he receives
Slowly, until it becomes apart of you
>> No. 2087 Anonymous
8th June 2012
Friday 10:50 pm
2087 spacer
>>2066 I never did understand what that bit was about... still don't.
>> No. 2088 Anonymous
8th June 2012
Friday 11:02 pm
2088 spacer

It's about the idea that the moon manipulates the liquids in our bodies in the same way it controls tides. The word 'lunacy', for example, came about by the belief that people temporarily lost their sanity at night because of lunar activity. When she says 'cancer', she's referring to the star sign and the astrological influences over our lives.
>> No. 2089 Anonymous
8th June 2012
Friday 11:43 pm
2089 spacer

That video was a bit naff. I mean, a good amateur effort, but naff nonetheless.

>> No. 1672 Anonymous
4th July 2011
Monday 12:35 am
1672 Devil's Footprints

>The Devil's Footprints is a name given to a phenomenon that occurred in Devon, England, in 1855: after a light snowfall, trails of hoof-like marks appeared in the snow, following primarily straight lines for over 100 miles. The footprints were so called because some people believed that the footprints were the tracks of Satan, as they were allegedly made by a cloven hoof.

I love stuff like this
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>> No. 2026 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 2:50 pm
2026 spacer
>In 2005, Ian Ball set up a website from Broadmoor Hospital. On the site he explained that the kidnap was in fact an elaborate hoax set up by himself, offering 1 million pounds to anyone who could prove it was a hoax. Ball also paid £15 to the Anarchist magazine Class War for an advert to promote his cause. He later sent Class War a letter complaining of their cowardice in refusing to display the advertisement. Class War did actually run the advertisement in issue 90. In his explanation, Ball claims to be ‘the most dangerous working-class dissenter this country has ever had and is ever likely to have’. At the time of the attempted kidnapping Ball stated his intention was to raise a ransom of 2 million pounds for the National Health Service.
>> No. 2027 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 3:08 pm
2027 spacer
I don't understand that :(
>> No. 2028 Anonymous
2nd April 2012
Monday 3:51 pm
2028 spacer
A nicely sceptical article about the website is at http://www.rhamilton.co.uk/2011/01/princess-anne-and-kidnapper.html
>> No. 2058 Anonymous
2nd May 2012
Wednesday 2:16 am
2058 spacer
That article hardly tells us anything about the website, except for the info obtained from Whois.
>> No. 2060 Anonymous
2nd May 2012
Wednesday 3:26 pm
2060 spacer

It subtly suggests that Ian Ball did not write the site and that the whois info is fraudulent. It also poses some ethical questions to Broadmoor's management, not renowned for their honesty or human rights record.

>> No. 2038 Anonymous
22nd April 2012
Sunday 2:04 am
2038 spacer
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>> No. 2039 Anonymous
22nd April 2012
Sunday 4:05 pm
2039 spacer
This picture frightens me and I don't know why.
>> No. 2040 Anonymous
22nd April 2012
Sunday 4:06 pm
2040 spacer
Could it be the lady's face in in the bottom left?
>> No. 2041 Anonymous
22nd April 2012
Sunday 6:24 pm
2041 spacer

Fucking hell, I didn't even notice that. But I think it's because I'm in the middle of a week long drugs binge which has rendered me unable to sleep and is making that jpg spin and warp around. It looked like that lamp was a demon moving the glass part. Also there is a zombie old man outside.
>> No. 2052 Anonymous
27th April 2012
Friday 7:23 am
2052 spacer

It's Sylvester Stallone's mum.

>> No. 2024 Anonymous
28th March 2012
Wednesday 9:17 pm
2024 Simon Parkes

Did anyone else hear about Simon Parkes, a Labour councillor from Whitby who claims to have been brought up by 9 foot aliens?
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>> No. 2025 Anonymous
28th March 2012
Wednesday 9:34 pm
2025 spacer
Running through my mind as I was reading this:-
Politics, politics, politics, politics, fuckingwhatnow?

(bearing in mind I was browsing /*/):

>> No. 1575 Anonymous
28th May 2011
Saturday 1:14 pm
1575 Occultism
Can anyone point me in the direction of books / websites that give a good overview of 20th century / 'modern' occultism?
22 posts and 8 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 1656 Anonymous
29th June 2011
Wednesday 8:42 pm
1656 spacer

Now you're honor bound to read them all thoroughly and give use a detailed report.
>> No. 1657 Anonymous
29th June 2011
Wednesday 8:48 pm
1657 spacer
Sha'n't. I shall, however, point out that http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Sefer_Yetzirah and http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/yetzirah.htm have differences, despite claiming to be the same translation.
>> No. 1658 Anonymous
29th June 2011
Wednesday 9:20 pm
1658 spacer

God works in mysterious ways.
>> No. 1659 Anonymous
30th June 2011
Thursday 9:31 am
1659 spacer

>I shall, however, point out that http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Sefer_Yetzirah and http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/yetzirah.htm have differences
>I was hoping for a couple of book recommendations that give an overview rather than a place to begin actual study
Too late. You've already started.
>> No. 2020 Anonymous
9th March 2012
Friday 12:27 pm
2020 spacer

>We produce occult books, journals and pamphlets in standard and handbound editions

It's lovely

>> No. 2000 Anonymous
21st February 2012
Tuesday 7:30 pm
2000 spacer
I used to live in Lancashire; A fairly large town in the United Kingdom. On the outskirts of said town and between the passage of a much larger city called Liverpool (Of Beatles fame), there is a tiny village called Hale. I used to go there fairly often; there was a marketplace with a lot of offerings (This was before Supermarkets were common) and many friends lived in the area as well. But what fascinated me most about the place was a tiny, otherwise un-remarkable cottage on the edge of the town. That was the home of John Middleton, a local legend who reportedly went missing. According to folklore, he was around 2.82 m (9 ft. 3 in) and lived around 1756 to about 1804. But this is where it starts to get creepy.

At around 12 o'clock I was awakened by a thumping sound. I presumed it to have been a natural occurrence like something falling over, or footsteps. The latter would have certainly been odd, considering my family (including me) always used to go to bed around the same time. After around twenty seconds, it started to fade. And then nothing was audible, almost like dead silence. I shrugged it off and tried to get some sleep. But before I closed my eyes, I noticed something which was definitely not right. There was a green light, almost in the shape of a figure. I was surprised, and got up to take a closer look. As my eyes adjusted I saw it. A very tall, very decrepit figure staring at me from a small house not too far away.

I don't remember what happened next exactly, but a small fact bothered me. The "small house" was actually a cottage.
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>> No. 2005 Anonymous
27th February 2012
Monday 10:56 pm
2005 spacer
The lucky sod, all I see is my shiny, weeping helmet.
>> No. 2006 Anonymous
1st March 2012
Thursday 6:48 pm
2006 spacer
At least, guys, you have an original content.
Haven't seen fresh creepy (or sort of) story at our soviet boards since '09.
>> No. 2007 Anonymous
2nd March 2012
Friday 4:58 pm
2007 spacer
You can keep it mate. This is the uncreepiest pasta I've ever read.
>> No. 2008 Anonymous
4th March 2012
Sunday 4:17 am
2008 spacer

That's true. I appreciate this.
>> No. 2009 Anonymous
5th March 2012
Monday 1:03 pm
2009 spacer


>I used to live in Lancashire; A fairly large town in the United Kingdom.

I stopped reading after this gaffe.

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