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>> No. 2531 Anonymous
2nd May 2013
Thursday 12:52 am
2531 Madeleine Mcann
I don't mean to dig up old news (unlike the actual news, hardy har), but I've never really looked into the Madeleine Mcann situation before. Is there actually any evidence that she was abducted, or left the apartment? I can only find news reports stating as much, but not why they think it to be the case. I saw the thing about the dogs smelling dead body and blood in the apartment, and the video where the McCanns respond by saying that doesn't count as evidence. I don't know the evidence behind dog research, so I can't disagree with them on that. But if they have such a stick up their arse about evidence, then why aren't they concerned about the lack of evidence about an abduction?

I obviously remember Are Maddie when it all happened, but can anyone who isn't a complete conspiracy nutter explain to me if there's something I've not been informed about regarding the above contradiction, and does anyone have any links to a summary of the case that isn't biased, and isn't wikipedia?
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>> No. 2680 Anonymous
23rd October 2013
Wednesday 6:04 pm
2680 spacer
Young children sometimes do weird and sexual things which make parents laugh in embarrassment then discuss it among themselves later. This much-discussed 'smoking gun' is extremely thin evidence of anything other than that.
>> No. 2681 Anonymous
23rd October 2013
Wednesday 7:26 pm
2681 spacer

>Young children sometimes do weird and sexual things which make parents laugh

That'd make an interesting Mumsnet thread. I can only imagine the reaction.
>> No. 2682 Anonymous
24th October 2013
Thursday 9:22 pm
2682 spacer
There's some irony of her getting whored in the eastern world and the western world.
>> No. 2683 Anonymous
24th October 2013
Thursday 10:28 pm
2683 spacer

That's quite disgusting and what exactly do you mean by the eastern world? She went missing in Portugal so... the Mediterranean?
>> No. 2684 Anonymous
28th October 2013
Monday 6:23 pm
2684 spacer

>> No. 2657 Anonymous
29th September 2013
Sunday 2:00 pm
2657 Fake news photos
Headline in Mail yesterday, now removed but archived for now at http://www.onenewspage.co.uk/n/Front+Page/74w130igi/The-executioner-Caught-on-CCTV-the-horrific-moment.htm

Source of alleged Kenyan mall CCTV footage was a bank robbery in Florida from 2010:
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>> No. 2789 Anonymous
4th January 2014
Saturday 11:27 pm
2789 spacer


>> No. 2790 Anonymous
4th January 2014
Saturday 11:27 pm
2790 spacer


>> No. 2791 Anonymous
4th January 2014
Saturday 11:27 pm
2791 spacer


>> No. 2792 Anonymous
4th January 2014
Saturday 11:27 pm
2792 spacer


>> No. 2884 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 3:16 am
2884 spacer
Now, just what on earth are all these curious sketches about then chap? Have I missed something?

>> No. 2302 Anonymous
18th December 2012
Tuesday 12:56 am
2302 Unlawful Killing
My conspiracy-theorist facebook friend shared this picture from one of the pages he likes. Sharing pictures from anti-establishment facebook pages is pretty much all he posts.

Anyway, I gather that this is a film about Princess Diana, but if the image is anything to go by, the QE2 has interfered and banned it and its online distribution.

So what gives? Why is it banned? If it's to do with 'that image' then a) why is that image banned, and b) why can't it just be edited out, if it's in there at all?
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>> No. 2600 Anonymous
18th August 2013
Sunday 12:19 am
2600 spacer
How could she possibly undo the British monarchy?
>> No. 2601 Anonymous
18th August 2013
Sunday 1:17 am
2601 spacer
They were all killed and replaced with lizards years ago.
>> No. 2602 Anonymous
18th August 2013
Sunday 2:19 am
2602 spacer
What rubbish, if the royal family is popular the monarchy is popular, and she was the most popular of the lot.
>> No. 2603 Anonymous
18th August 2013
Sunday 7:13 am
2603 spacer

If the theories are anything to go by having an Arab directly related to royal blood (perfectly fine however for them to be related to Turks but that's neither here nor there...) was something that was undesirable and as such, was killed. It's interesting because if you read "The Big Breach" by disgruntled former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson he reveals MI6 had a source inside the hotel she was staying in and had proposed to use strobe lights to cause a car crash previously. Google it, it's a good read.
>> No. 2604 Anonymous
18th August 2013
Sunday 5:18 pm
2604 spacer
They already have Moor blood in them, not to mention Turkish connections but Arabs are bad? I doubt they are that racist considering their smaller lines are marrying Africans, etc.

>> No. 2591 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 4:30 pm
2591 spacer

I have heard mention of this before, but the other day a reputable, and definitely-not-batshi-crazy mentioned it in relation to some FoI requests.

Is this batshit? The above link does seem to be so. Anyone know anything or can provide some decent links?
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>> No. 2592 Anonymous
21st July 2013
Sunday 5:25 pm
2592 spacer
The gentleman who has brought Common Purpose to wider awareness, a Mr Brian Gerrish, is fairly batshit crazy and obsessional/cranky.

Common Purpose and similar money-wasting motivational schemes for social climbing government employees are real enough and are in my view a confidence trick played by practitioners of NLP and similar hocus-pocus on quangoes and councils who need to justify their annual budget.

They come out of the weekenders spouting absolute gibberish and feeling very confident. I suppose it is a kind of brainwashing at a stretch.

>> No. 2579 Anonymous
16th July 2013
Tuesday 11:14 pm
2579 spacer
In an attempt to be completely unbias I (for the last few years) visit open forums commonly used for discussion of paranormal and supernatural phenomena and request their opinion on what to attempt, how to approach the experiment, and generally hold an open discussion on the topic. I usually attempt the ideas suggested and document the attempt with a video camera.

All recordings will be uploaded here https://www.youtube.com/user/xroommod

I welcome anyone reading this to make any suggestions of their own as well as long as its related to the paranormal or occult.

Doesnt matter if its ritualistic and I have to get supplies or if its completely psychological or based on a destination, hopefully not too far away. Some might require more prep time than others though, so please keep that in mind.

It might be something youre too afraid to try, something you dont have the resources to attempt, or just something you want to be able to relate to someone about. One requirement - make it paranormal.

With the explanation out of the way, the only question left is - What are you curious to see?
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>> No. 2586 Anonymous
17th July 2013
Wednesday 4:40 am
2586 spacer
I don't follow mate. What seems to be the problem?
>> No. 2587 Anonymous
17th July 2013
Wednesday 7:12 am
2587 spacer
Horseshit. Gins fucking love it mate, smear it all over yourself and recite the Islamic call to prayer backward with your back to mecca whilst rubbing one out. Gins out the wazzoo.
>> No. 2588 Anonymous
17th July 2013
Wednesday 7:34 am
2588 spacer
No actually, it is piss and reading th- wait, wait, you had me. You want me to get attacked by them, eh? You smart, beautiful bastard.

Anyway, there is a way to call bad Jinn and make a pact with them, so that they help you in your mischievous adventures. There are also ways to simply piss them off (good and bad Jinn), so that they mess with you or possess you.
>> No. 2589 Anonymous
17th July 2013
Wednesday 9:55 am
2589 spacer
Pretty sure the spelling is جن
>> No. 2590 Anonymous
17th July 2013
Wednesday 7:00 pm
2590 spacer
That's Arabic, my other language doesn't use Arabic script. It is Jinn.

>> No. 2515 Anonymous
29th April 2013
Monday 6:12 pm
2515 spacer
Let's say the government just crumbles tomorrow for whatever reason. Nothing centralised like a rebellion, it just fails.

What would become of the country? Would the Kingdom collapse? Would there be pretenders? Would the regions split? Would we have tribes? What do you think would happen to a modern first-world country if everything disintegrated?
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>> No. 2551 Anonymous
6th May 2013
Monday 7:38 pm
2551 spacer

Jungle dwellers, I believe.
>> No. 2552 Anonymous
6th May 2013
Monday 7:44 pm
2552 spacer

I'm pretty sure those are rural people too.
>> No. 2553 Anonymous
7th May 2013
Tuesday 7:50 am
2553 spacer

Not sure if they are really people. Monkeys perhaps.
>> No. 2572 Anonymous
20th May 2013
Monday 2:38 pm
2572 spacer

Have a look at Yugoslavia's problems for one potential outcome. Wandering rape gangs and bandits. A spiral of increasing brutality and horror.

Alternatively there could be some bonding from it, either before or after the dust settles. Close-knit communities, old fashioned values, etc.

Riots and chaos in the cities would be a certainty for the interm period anyway. I'd expect local governments to form. Depending on the reach and state of the authorities and feelings of "us" and "them" would start shaping new borders and lines of conflict or cooperation.
>> No. 2575 Anonymous
8th June 2013
Saturday 9:24 pm
2575 spacer
America would probably take control. Or we'd have an EU government almost instantly implemented creating the first real EU 'state'

>> No. 2554 Anonymous
14th May 2013
Tuesday 8:41 pm
2554 spacer
For anyone wishing to spend some time reading a mindbending and improbable yet creepy tale linking together new technologies, freemasons, the Marconi 1980s scientist deaths, corruption in the BBC and forgotten true crime cases I recommend a visit to the very strange website http://phonedupnshutup.com/
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>> No. 2565 Anonymous
15th May 2013
Wednesday 1:04 pm
2565 spacer
>> No. 2566 Anonymous
15th May 2013
Wednesday 1:10 pm
2566 spacer

Just this once I didn't report you, lad.
>> No. 2567 Anonymous
15th May 2013
Wednesday 2:23 pm
2567 spacer
If the translation is accurate, this must be what is meant by Russian written by a non-native, as it says "To get back with us" rather than "get back to us".
>> No. 2568 Anonymous
15th May 2013
Wednesday 3:10 pm
2568 spacer
>"To get back with us" rather than "get back to us".
Nowt wrong with either.
>> No. 2570 Anonymous
17th May 2013
Friday 11:02 pm
2570 spacer
Looks like Ryan Fogle really is (was) CIA - note email address from alumni association matching Stratfor database - http://cryptome.org/2013/05/fogle/ryan-christopher-fogle.htm

But as a commenter states at that link, something is not right with the reporting of this. Russia trying to make CIA look comically inept with a phony letter?

>> No. 2488 Anonymous
12th March 2013
Tuesday 1:55 am
2488 spacer
Distribution of googuns_staging tweets is attached, created by New York artist Neil Freeman.

"GooGuns posts nothing but strings of letters and numbers, like b39e65fa00000000 in intervals of about five minutes on average. The string of characters always ends with zeroes, occasionally with the location service turned on, so you can see that 554705fa00000000 was allegedly tweeted from the "Region of Khabarovsk." This has been going on all day and all night, for years, with more than 318,000 tweets posted since 2009. But why?"

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>> No. 2508 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 2:52 am
2508 spacer

See you there.
>> No. 2509 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 3:09 am
2509 spacer
That's the case for third party Twitter clients, but surely not for twitter.com. It doesn't use HTML Geolocation, so AFAICT there's no way for long/lat to be passed. They're using a geolocation IP database.
>> No. 2510 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 9:47 am
2510 spacer
>That's the case for third party Twitter clients, but surely not for twitter.com.
IIRC tweets typed into the box don't get a location.
>> No. 2512 Anonymous
30th March 2013
Saturday 5:45 am
2512 spacer
You don't.
>> No. 2513 Anonymous
30th March 2013
Saturday 11:26 am
2513 spacer
It's just a bot someone has setup to excite conspiracy nuts.

Numbers stations operate in the open for very good technological and operational reasons - you can't effectively hide the location of a shortwave transmitter, but that's unimportant so long as your field operatives can receive the signal with something as innocuous as a worldband radio.

For a similar one-way service online, there's no reason not to use something steganographic, hiding the message inside something innocuous-looking. It'd be easy to design a protocol that was still easy to decode by hand with a OTP and a pencil, but that looked like perfectly normal communications. The easiest option would be to leave comments on blogs that look like spam.

If you read the Twitter API docs, you'll see that the API user declares their own geolocation. It's not IP based, you just append your longitude and latitude to the HTTP POST request. Whoever set up this bot deliberately chose to append weird geo data.


>> No. 2511 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 4:31 pm
2511 A ghostbuster plumber
This happened a lot of years ago, in another country. A friend of mine was doing plumbing work into the house of a 60 years old widow, when she spoke about a ghost in her house. The lady complained about hearing thumping noises without any visible cause, and compared them to the sounds made by a children playing with a ball. The plumber heard that, instructed the lady to sit still and do not worry, started the heating, went to the place where the sounds were starting from and opened up the valves in the heaters venting a lot of air from the pipes.

The sounds stopped immediately and the plumber tried to explain to the old lady that the air in the pipes was causing the noises, but she did not want to hear about that. According to her, the plumber was a good man and banished the "ghost" with his good character.

End of the story, apart for the plumber receiving a lot of calls from local people asking for an exorcist/ghostbuster! This affected his reputation in an interesting way.

>> No. 2379 Anonymous
10th February 2013
Sunday 11:21 pm
2379 Horsemeat is an Ice-berg tip
An anonymous Trading Standards Officer has this evening informed me that they've been putting alternative meat in things for years. His/Her specific example was that fish fingers and other, similar frozen-fish products have been using dolphin and whale as cheaper 'filler meat' in the UK. This also extends to many supermarket's 'made in store' ranges like the 'fresh' pizzas and mince, where the dates are changed, off mince is mixed in with otherwise fresh mince and all sorts.
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>> No. 2392 Anonymous
23rd February 2013
Saturday 8:43 pm
2392 spacer
>>2379 I can't see anyone using dolphin or whale as a cheap filler. Surely that'd be way more expensive than the usual crap that fills fishfingers.
>> No. 2393 Anonymous
23rd February 2013
Saturday 9:40 pm
2393 spacer
Why can't they just use horse like everyone else?
>> No. 2394 Anonymous
23rd February 2013
Saturday 10:29 pm
2394 spacer
Oh bravo, bursting out laughing alone in front of a computer is quite a strange experience really.
>> No. 2486 Anonymous
11th March 2013
Monday 2:29 am
2486 spacer


boo was right
>> No. 2487 Anonymous
11th March 2013
Monday 10:07 am
2487 spacer


You're both laughably stupid and accidentally a bit right.

There is absolutely no way you could possibly pass off whale or dolphin as white fish - they're cetaceans rather than fish and have vivid red flesh.

It is true that fish fingers and other white fish products often contain fish other than cod - most commonly haddock or coley. Chip shops are also frequently substituting cod for river cobbler, a farmed Vietnamese catfish which is nearly indistinguishable from cod but half the price. Many chip shops now list "fish" on their menu rather than cod, because trading standards have been quite sharp on enforcement in many areas.

There's also the issue that a lot of people have missed, which is that DNA testing can only test for the presence of a specific contaminant. A DNA test can tell you whether a sample contains DNA from a specific target species, but it can't tell you if the sample is contaminated with something you're not looking for. DNA tests are at least £100 a pop, so it's simply not a useful enforcement tool unless you've got good prior intelligence. I have no doubt that there's still a lot of substitute meat in minced meat products.

>> No. 2473 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 4:42 am
2473 Timeline alterations

"I’m sure that — for some people — it’s more comforting to think that none of this is true, that sliding isn’t possible, and all of these alternate memories are false.

For the rest of us, after the initial “Whew! I’m not losing my mind” phase — during which people use words like “amazed,” “stunned,” and “shocked” — this is fascinating. We really don’t have anything to prove to anyone else; we know what we remember, and it doesn’t match what’s in the history books."
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>> No. 2474 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 4:48 am
2474 spacer
I imagine it's our minds connecting various different unconnected things and just filling in the blanks. I thought Morgan Freeman was dead for a while.
>> No. 2477 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 7:11 am
2477 spacer
Is Morgan Freeman the one fucking his step-daughter or am I thinking of the other one?
>> No. 2478 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 12:27 pm
2478 spacer
Depends which universe you're talking about. He doesn't fuck his step-daughter in the one where Patrick Swayze made a full recovery.
>> No. 2479 Anonymous
6th March 2013
Wednesday 1:23 pm
2479 spacer
What? He's not dead, I saw him in Dirty Dancing 2 last August.

>> No. 2187 Anonymous
21st October 2012
Sunday 10:15 am
2187 Jimmy Saville is an Ice-berg tip Locked
My old dear is a professional baby snatcher. She has an unnerving need to unload the vile she encounters to me. Probably against the regulations. And rightly so. I thus try my best not to pick up the phone. Thank fuck I live miles away. Needless to say, people can be truly fucked in the head. On the upside, 99% of folks are moral crusaders. But the fact a <1% can be so fucked up is really worrying. Especially as they abet each-other for the continuous fuckery they delight in. I am not a moral crusader. Neither am I the <1%. Doesn't stop me permanently raging. And drinking to excess to maintain a quasi state of sanity. You fellas have an occasional ability of rational thought and moral fagotry. Please use this to help my mum. You are not my personal army etc...
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>> No. 2468 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 10:59 am
2468 spacer
Cheers lad for the reading list. Just about to grab a cuppa tea and some tin foil for what will no doubt be an epic Sunday read. Lets hope my lack of critical thinking skills doesn't drown me in a sea of Internet caused paranoia.
>> No. 2469 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 3:22 pm
2469 spacer

Smoke weed, read conspiracy sites.

No wonder my head is so fucked.
>> No. 2470 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 4:10 pm
2470 spacer
On the subject of 'ritual child abuse' perpetrated by those claiming to work within child protection this news story is quite startlingly unpleasant:

Are the commenters correct? Do the British people culturally have a hatred of children? I'm not keen on the company of kids much myself but hope I wouldn't do that stuff as part of a 'job'.
>> No. 2471 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 4:10 pm
2471 spacer

Haha, not just me then! The wife looks at me with complete and utter distain as I sup on my cuppa, puff on my joint and occasionally reposition my fetching aluminum head gear!
>> No. 2472 Anonymous
3rd March 2013
Sunday 5:27 pm
2472 spacer

Not a weed smoker here but I think as long as you don't let conspiracy craziness affect your judgement or mood it's just another hobby or interest and a pleasantly peculiar way of passing time. And when you do get sift through the endless online bullshit to find out a real story behind the news or correctly tell people what will be headlines in a few weeks, it's quite gratifying. As long as you don't start with the WAKE UP SHEEPLE crap and alienate everyone around you.

>> No. 2395 Anonymous
24th February 2013
Sunday 4:03 pm
2395 Elisa Lam
21 year old Canadian girl Elisa Lam went missing earlier this month while staying at the Cecil Hotel in downtown LA, and her naked corpse was later found in the hotel's water tank.

Here is the Google Street View of the hotel.

An outbreak of TB has recently started among the street people of downtown LA. "Lam-Elisa" is a treatment for TB.

The Cecil Hotel's guests have included serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger as well as infamous "Black Dahlia" murder victim Elisabeth Short.

A mysterious organisation based at the hotel is "The Invisible Light Agency" which has a most peculiar website. The agency seems to provide special effects for films. Former employee Anthony Vu now works for Raytheon Missile Systems.

The final footage of Elisa Lam before her disappearance and death is the CCTV from the hotel lift, in which she holds the door open for three minutes, repeatedly checks the corridor outside and seems to make sign language at one point.
63 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2460 Anonymous
26th February 2013
Tuesday 11:58 pm
2460 spacer
This Littewood dude didn't know about sensory gating research - it came after his 'law'. He is no doubt rolling in his grave for being remembered for a frivolous short and entertaining piece of popular maths rather than his real work.
>> No. 2461 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 12:08 am
2461 spacer
>This Littewood dude didn't know about sensory gating research
He didn't need to, because it's not even remotely relevant.
>> No. 2462 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 12:24 am
2462 spacer
His definitions of 'awake and alert' still await your explication, sir.

Be aware that at least one person with whom you debate here is invoking Papal infallibility with considerable retroaction.
>> No. 2463 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 12:27 am
2463 spacer
>His definitions of 'awake and alert' still await your explication, sir.
>Fifteen million, you say? Is that Centigrade or Kelvin?
>> No. 2464 Anonymous
27th February 2013
Wednesday 1:13 am
2464 spacer

Funny in a way that we seem to be in a genuine and 4 REAL 'liminal phase' as the anthropologists would have it in the UK right now with a plethora of persons willing to assassinate Cameron and IDS and increasingly openly talking about it without fear even on failbook. SOON COME as they say.

Sage for confusion about how this relates to the mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

>> No. 2211 Anonymous
5th November 2012
Monday 1:30 am
2211 a curious story
"I came to sitting in a black cab, feeling very drowsy. I looked around me and believed the cab was driving down Tottenham Court Road. I noticed a squad car behind the cab. I realized my black leather shoulder bag and a plastic bag I had had with me all day were missing. I asked the cab driver where we were going; he told me we were heading for King’s Cross station. I asked him where my bags were. He became abusive and told me I had brought no bags with me. He drew the cab up. I saw that the police car had also drawn up some yards behind us. The cab driver got out of the cab, as did I. Two policemen had already got out of their car and walked towards me. The one on my right pointed a hand at me and said ‘Fuck off Sir’. Both then turned around and walked back to their vehicle. This in itself is extraordinary behaviour. I got back into the cab and continued the journey."

Read full tale at http://www.kennethjacob.com/?p=382

The fact that the author seems to be an eminently respectable (and rather tedious) toff rather than the usual internet nutter makes the tale more intriguing and /boo/-worthy.
Expand all images.
>> No. 2212 Anonymous
5th November 2012
Monday 2:08 am
2212 spacer
What a self-absorbed cunt. He is so drunk on his own importance, to the point where he is paranoid that "people are about to get him".
>> No. 2213 Anonymous
5th November 2012
Monday 2:30 am
2213 spacer
He certainly has an annoying pompous and aristocratic manner of blogging but it's an interesting story of obvious spookery and plausible denial. I've no real idea why he's moaning so much, he didn't exactly get the North Face bag or satsuma in gob treatment.
>> No. 2377 Anonymous
6th February 2013
Wednesday 5:24 am
2377 spacer
What's the story behind this image?
>> No. 2378 Anonymous
6th February 2013
Wednesday 6:01 am
2378 spacer

It just sounds like he's had his drink spiked and gone on a bit of a drugged up rampage. His friend probably had to leave as suddenly as he did because he too was feeling a bit woozy from whatever whoever had put in their drinks.
>> No. 2383 Anonymous
11th February 2013
Monday 1:18 am
2383 spacer

That's Lisa Suckdog m8, she is quite a character.

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