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>> No. 431110 Anonymous
7th October 2019
Monday 9:05 am
431110 spacer
Where have all the knobheads gone?

If you went back ~10 years ago then it was wall to wall twats; you could barely move without bumping into one. I know people like Russell Brand are still about, but they're far less prominent. Why hasn't the next generation of knobheads risen up to take their place? Are they all on YouTube instead?
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>> No. 431193 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 12:13 am
431193 spacer

This is just like, my opinion man but I think the OP was talking about very different knobheads to the knobheads you describe and deride in your post.

Groping women and doing cheeky lines didn't make one a knobhead in the zeitgeist the OP was talking about, in fact it made one a bit of a lad. In the relevant zeitgeist knobhead were in my opinion useless cunts who took every opportunity to discuss why the common man was awful, the common man being the bloke who did cheeky lines and groped women.

Can you imagine 2009 era Russell Brand doing cheeky lines and groping women? He was the opposite, an out and out knobhead who only existed to stop ordinary, decent, cocaine taking women gropers from going to work in their regular jobs with ridiculous protests for nebulous reasons.
>> No. 431196 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 1:44 am
431196 spacer
2009 Russel Brand might not have done those things, but 2007 Russel Brand would have done it while his mate was on speakerphone to grandfather of the woman he was touching up, though probably not the cokecain bit. However, given what I found on his Wikipedia page, pic related, I don't imagine he's the judgemental sort. All those things I listed did make you a knobhead, it made you Dappy from Ndubz and it got you on Channel 4's Balls of Steel or mid era Big Brother.

Most people who reckon they're "a bit of a lad" are usually knobheads who are trying too hard. I don't know who you imagine was declaring that the "common man was awful" in 2009, but if it was anyone it was probably other common men who thought they were bringing standards down. You appear to be projecting some kind of deep sea fisherperson related irk back a few years too early.

As for "ridiculous protests for nebulous reasons", I imagine there were plenty about the then-recent global finance meltdown now known as the Great Recession and Brand himself did attend a anti-Gaza War protest, but that seems quite specific. Could you help me out by doing the same and getting more specific? Because right now you sound like a drunk Telegraph columnist.

I think the biggest hint the OP left us about whom he was speaking was the fact that Lee Collins is an apolitical woman botherer who twice won Loaded magazine's "LAFTA" award. I'm not sure how this fits into your description at all.
>> No. 431197 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 2:05 am
431197 spacer

It seems to me that you're conflating apolitical in 2009 with apolitical in 2019. Back then being apolitical was the norm teenlad, nobody gave enough of a fuck to care about politics. It's only since austerity that the witch burners have become a voice in mainstream politics, successive Blair governments left the common mam with a decent enough lifestyle that being involved was a bit sad.

You can't judge a zeitgeist through wikipedia, wikipedia is designed to distort and distance itself from mood. What you're seeing re Dappy and Nduz is your own desire to project those beliefs on to a view from a neutral lens. One problem or positive aspect of wikipedia is the propensity to change its views in accordance with the zeitgeist. If you check the 2009 versions for the Dappt, Nduz or Big Brother articles you will come away with a very different viewpoint.

Refarding your specific question about Brand, I remember one incident in which he shut down half a dozen offices in a city centre, precenting hundreds of people going to work because of "the bankers the bonuses" which he later said he regretted because he was misinformed, those people were just normal people doing a job and he inconvenienced them for misinformed political ideals.

Again teenlad, and I call you that because while I respect your convictions I take issues with the experiences and understanding that led you to them, you're taking a single aspect of this LAFTAlad's character and projecting it on to what you believe is a template of knobhead behaviour. I do not believe this is knobhead behaviour, hence my replies in this thread, but maybe the OP will come along and shoot me out of the water in which case I will bow out of this thread and maybe start my own about what I believe knobhead to be. But for the record, I am arguing purely in OPfaith, I believe your views on what a knobhead is are directly opposed to the OP's views, while you are presenting yourself as in agreement with the OP.
>> No. 431199 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 9:22 am
431199 spacer
You're talking so much shit. Fucking poncy cunt, get your head checked.
>> No. 431200 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 10:03 am
431200 spacer
>"the bankers the bonuses"

I kind of miss when Question Time was ruined by this almost every week. It beats IIIWW.

>> No. 431104 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 6:08 pm
431104 spacer
I'd like to have a thread dedicated to muscular women and beefy thighs, but I don't want it on /x/ because I want it to be work safe.
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>> No. 431105 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 6:09 pm
431105 spacer

>> No. 431106 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 6:24 pm
431106 spacer
I'm not sure this is work safe as it is m8.

>> No. 427901 Anonymous
23rd June 2019
Sunday 8:43 pm
427901 spacer
Has anyone ever attempted to make a foodstuff that is 100% useful to your body where none of it will be shat out the other end?
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>> No. 430480 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 3:37 pm
430480 spacer
Why are you so obsessed with this? It's like the super dinosaur from Jurassic World 2, just a less efficient way of killing someone than shooting them. You're trying to reinvent the wheel.
>> No. 430481 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 4:30 pm
430481 spacer
Think about it, lad. If you shoot someone then people will know about it. If you create biological weapons from the guts of people with autism and release them undetected in say, Finland, then you could turn it into a country of barely communicative stunted spergs without anyone being any the wiser.
>> No. 430482 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 4:50 pm
430482 spacer
And what are you going to do with it after, turn it into a zombie apocalypse theme park?
>> No. 430483 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 5:06 pm
430483 spacer

>people with autism and release them undetected in say, Finland

I was going to post a picture of Pertti Pasanen, but I fear the mods' wrath.
>> No. 430484 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 5:10 pm
430484 spacer
Take over the world.

>> No. 429058 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:39 pm
429058 The absolute state of Britain
Why is Britain so heavily mocked by the internet, particularly the fringe right? Almost every right-leaning discussion space features torrents of comments all finding newer ways to attack Britain especially with regards to free speech and grooming gangs.

What do you suppose the problem could be? Are they all delusional or lying? Are they speaking uncomfortable truths?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 429756 Anonymous
21st August 2019
Wednesday 2:11 pm
429756 spacer

>I genuinely don't think I could tell you anything that happened in Germany between the Romans and the 20th century, apart from Martin Luther King and the odd composer

Germany had a very chequered history even before the 20th century. It's really fascinating when you read about it, because for much of the second millennium AD, it consisted of a multitude of small kingdoms, duchies, and counties which together made up the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, but were very distinct from each other and each had their own aristocratic rulers, which were also frequently at war with each other, such as during the Thirty Years' War in the 1600s. This German system of regional rivalry was called Kleinstaaterei, literally "smallstatery". The aristocratic regional rulers and their families had absolute power over their subjects, and it was not uncommon for them to own entire towns or villages and everything in them. Unlike the eventually emerging British system of constitutional monarchy, Germany held on to that kind of post-mediaeval feudal system much longer than most other European nations, until its class of aristocracy and nobility formally lost all its privileges for good in 1919 following Germany's WWI defeat, after which Germany became a constitutional democracy for the first time in its history. This long adherence to quasi-feudalism is also cited as one reason why Germany was a bit late to the party with industrialisation, as many of its citizens lived in agricultural serfdom to a local lord far longer than people in Britain, often into the early 1800s. There was no social mobility, and for a long time, as a serf, you effectively had to have permission from your lord to even travel outside the land that he owned.

In Britain, on the other hand, geographical and social mobility emerged much sooner, which counts as one reason why industrialisation was able to take hold by the mid-1800s, because the masses of labour that you needed for industrial manufacturing were much more readily available.
>> No. 429757 Anonymous
21st August 2019
Wednesday 2:17 pm
429757 spacer
>Wasn't the industrial revolution more of a British-led thing? I'm probably incredibly ignorant here.

It most certainly was, but a British lead part of wider European history.

There are times in history where the great cultural shifts are really lead by one nation the 18th and 19th shifts are that time for Britain.

>I genuinely don't think I could tell you anything that happened in Germany between the Romans and the 20th century

It gets a bit fuzzy as 'Germany' is a modern concept

The Holy Roman Empire is obviously a big deal and they were as into the crusades as we were. The Teutonic kinghts and Prussia were a significant player in their history but they were more heavily focused in what is now Poland and Lithuania.

speaking of the Baltic states one of the other key events that you've all missed was the Battle of Vienna which represents the high point and beginning of collapse of the Ottoman Empire essentially it was the key make or break stand for the Holy Roman Empire, which is noted for when Polish winged hussars arrived halfway though and attacked the Ottomans from the rear with the sun behind them which is where the charge at helms deep is believed to be based on in Lord of the Rings.
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>> No. 429759 Anonymous
21st August 2019
Wednesday 2:43 pm
429759 spacer

>It gets a bit fuzzy as 'Germany' is a modern concept

That's certainly true. As I said, there was the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation on the one hand, and all the regional rulers ultimately had to answer to the German Emperor, but the people and those regional rulers didn't consider themselves German, at least not as much as they saw themselves as Prussian, Hessian, or Bavarian. In its own way it was probably similar to the Scottish or Welsh today insisting on their own identity, but if you follow historical accounts, it was still much stronger than that in Germany.

It wasn't until the revolution of the late 1840s in Germany that the idea of a truly unified, as well as democratic Germany began to take hold, propagated mainly by young university students, as well as artists, authors and novelists of the German Romantic movement. The German Revolution of 1848 which embodied these ideals ultimately failed and the old powers were reinstated, but following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71, Germany was finally unified as such for the first time, with Berlin as the capital. Which was no accident, because even within the new German Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia was the dominant force. Germany itself wasn't just turned into one homogenous territory in 1871, and still remained divided up into regional kingdoms, but the German emperor had much greater power over them than previously.
>> No. 430167 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 5:55 am
430167 spacer
The main thing that's worth knowing about the continent in much more recent history is what occurred in 1870. The Franco-Prussian war shifted the continental balance of power from France, to Germany, and this had truly profound effects. France had been in hot water for a while and Bismarck took advantage of France's obvious internal strife so as to attempt a unification of the Germanic peoples. Britain was certainly powerful, but we've rarely ever had any true aspirations for holding land on the continent, and France had stopped all that after Napoleon; which was why Britain and France were finally able to put to rest their ancient bugbears (well, on the battlefield, at least).

In my opinion, the conditions that set the stage of WWI, WWII and the eventual rise of America as the world's dominant power truly began with the Franco-Prussian war. The timeline of it is almost immediate. Germany went from a power that was almost deleted by Napoleon, to one suddenly capable of matching France, Britain, Austria, Russia, what have you in industrial and military might. And the French were mighty pissed off over the Franco-Prussian war...

I'm not making any moral judgements, I frankly get annoyed when people start getting all moral over the colonial era (this kind of moralising is very common on certain places I'm sure I don't need to name); but it IS interesting from a purely historical standpoint. The world certainly wouldn't look the same if France had actually beaten back the Germans (and perhaps, hypothetically, there'd have been no world wars).
>> No. 430318 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 4:39 pm
430318 spacer

>The Franco-Prussian war shifted the continental balance of power from France, to Germany, and this had truly profound effects

France never really recovered after the demise of Napoleon's leadership. The Napoleonic Wars not only weakened France due to the internal power vacuum that ensued when he was gone, but also, the emerging powers of nationalist Germany and Austro-Hungaria certainly didn't make things on the Continent much easier for the French. The defeat in the Franco-Prussian War 1871 was then not really a shock to anyone in that respect, but certainly cemented what was going to be a crucial point in the already steady decline of France's dominance over Europe, which lasted into the early 20th century and at least until Germany was defeated in WWI.

>The world certainly wouldn't look the same if France had actually beaten back the Germans (and perhaps, hypothetically, there'd have been no world wars

There were always struggles for dominance over continental Europe, and if Germany had been defeated in the Franco-Prussian War, maybe France itself would have started a multi-national conflict of its own, perhaps instigated by radical forces wanting to reinstate quasi-Napoleonic rule over Europe. Somebody would have started a war sooner or later either way.

WWII also probably would have happened anyway, with or without Hitler at the helm. Germany was one of the world's hardest hit countries by the 1929 stock market crash and the ensuing Great Depression, because foreign investment and loans from American banks were really the crucial backbone in allowing Germany to prosper in the 1920s. Once all those banks and investment firms had taken a beating when financial markets fell off a cliff around 1929-1930, it spelled vast unemployment for Germans, more so than for most other European countries. And radicals, any radical, will always have the easiest time getting the masses behind them when those masses are down and out of a job. If it hadn't been for Hitler, then very likely it would not have meant that Germany wasn't in danger of being taken over by other like-minded radical reactionary forces. Who at some point probably would have tried to restore Germany's former hegemonial power in just the same way. Maybe without killing six million Jews and dreaming of Lebensraum in Russia, because that was mainly Hitler's hobby horse, but still, a war was likely either way.

>> No. 430247 Anonymous
5th September 2019
Thursday 9:17 pm
430247 Bum
Does anyone have experience of sleeping rough or even just a bit of hardcore camping? Seems things have gone that way so any tips and advice would be much appriciated.
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>> No. 430273 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:39 pm
430273 spacer
The advice in >>430253 is excellent, and shows that, despite the best efforts of the austerity crew, there does still exist a safety net to prevent homelessness.

I'd also recommend OP gets down to the Job Centre. No joke. For all their faults, which are many, they will help you get some advance cash on Universal Credit or JSA and they will put you in touch with people who can sort out your Housing Benefit and make sure you stay housed.

I have worked in the Job Centre and I know they have what seem like hard rules (needing an address and a bank account) but these can and will be bent if someone is facing homelessness. Just tell them your situation and then play the game: turning up on time, hitting your head against their slow, poorly-designed web interface, and being well-behaved; I know that all their systems are basically designed to frustrate those who use them, but you have to go through the motions if you want that cash.
>> No. 430286 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 7:10 pm
430286 spacer

In case you haven't left yet - don't. You're only entitled to housing support from the local authority where you normally live, or have a "substantial local connection". If you turn up in a random area, the council have no legal obligation to help you. You'll still get support from charitable organisations, but you'll find it much harder to access permanent housing; there's a good chance that the council will just buy you a coach ticket to send you back to wherever you came from.
>> No. 430295 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 11:28 pm
430295 spacer
>the council will just buy you a coach ticket to send you back to wherever you came from.

I am absolutely disgusted that the people I pay to (pay others to ) empty my bins are just a bunch of lowbrow sectarians.
>> No. 430301 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 9:31 am
430301 spacer
Alright, I'm now deeply embarrassed by this thread's existence. I'd like to apologise for wasting everyone's time and thank them for all the earnest advice they provided.
>> No. 430308 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:36 am
430308 spacer
I've heard it best to sleep during the day and move at night, to help preserve body heat. I once overheard a tramp advising another to sleep atop a cliff because, apparently, the cliff funnels the wind upwards and away from you - maybe that was just local knowledge.

Tell us the story. What happened?

>> No. 429895 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 10:05 am
429895 spacer
Any of you lads find British suburbia deathly boring?

Life can't all be action film stunts and fast-paced living, but the thought of returning to my suburban hometown from London fills me with dread. Even when I go back to visit family for a week or so I get bored almost instantly.

Nothing ever changes, small town mentality takes over, what the neighbour bought for their new car becomes the topic of conversation and there's not much to do. I don't mean in the sense that 'there's no vegan cafe that makes food out of recycled compost' things to do, I mean there's literally nothing to do really that I haven't done a million times before. People at home mock how their mortgage on a three bed semi is less than my monthly rent but what they don't understand is that's because nobody wants to live there. I know that I'm being as annoying by sneering at them.

I know I'll have to relent and move back one day as I can't afford to live in London forever but I don't know how to get past this mental block. I could move abroad, but I guess their suburbias are the same too.

Any of you lads in a similar boat? What are your plans? How did you get over it? Or more practically, how do I sneer at the idea less?

Pic related: The kind of place I imagine when I say this.
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>> No. 430268 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 1:04 pm
430268 spacer
Do you know how much emissions diesel trains pump out? I sincerely hope you're sticking to electrified lines.
>> No. 430269 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:10 pm
430269 spacer

Do you know how much of a zealous bore you sound like?
>> No. 430270 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:14 pm
430270 spacer

Almost as though that's deliberate or something.
>> No. 430274 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:44 pm
430274 spacer

If there was supposed to be a nod and a wink of sarcasm I assure you it was lost in the crap delivery.
>> No. 430275 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:53 pm
430275 spacer
Stick yourself to some electrified lines.

>> No. 429948 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 7:56 pm
429948 Selling Vinyl
I've got a couple of hundred pounds of vinyl records, no interest in keeping them any longer, most which was purchased from charity shops, record shops I never went to again or given as a gift. Where exactly do I get rid of it? There are about half a dozen different options online and I can't say which is best, but I was thinking perhaps someone here could.
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>> No. 429950 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 8:11 pm
429950 spacer
If you want to turn it into a fun day out, you could take your record collection to a record fair.


It's kind of more a niche thing these days for connaisseurs and enthusiasts, but it could be a good way to get rid of a few of your records, and meet interesting people in the process.

Back before the Internet and when music still came on physical formats, I went to those kinds of things regularly, mainly to find rare CDs that were out of print, or obscure one-hit wonders.
>> No. 429952 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 8:47 pm
429952 spacer
If you want the best price for it, Discogs. If you just want it out of the house, sell it as a job lot on eBay - a dealer or collector will happily buy your entire record collection, but obviously won't pay top dollar for it.
>> No. 429955 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 9:40 pm
429955 spacer

> a dealer or collector will happily buy your entire record collection, but obviously won't pay top dollar for it.

Not OP, but that would probably always leave me with the nagging thought in the back of my head that maybe I gave away some sort of rare collector's item for cheap which would really have been worth something.

In any case, it won't hurt to go through all those records one by one and check if there are some among them that could fetch a good price if sold separately. Collector's items that are sought after by true fans often look quite inconspicuous to the untrained eye.
>> No. 429956 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 10:35 pm
429956 spacer
Oh, I did that very thing earlier this afternoon, gave them little price tags everything, and a few of them could fetch quite a handsome price. It won't buy me solid gold socks or anything, but I'd be quite gutted if I'd sold them wholesale only to find out one or two cost that much on by themselves. Plus I really don't like record shops, I don't think I've been in one that didn't feel about as welcoming as a midnight stroll through a decidedly shady estate. As such I'm reluctant to support their continued renaissance.

I think I'll list them on Discogs, maybe do another listing somewhere like Gumtree so if anyone nearby wants any they can just come and get it.

There's a Monty Python one that's stuck together somehow, which Python would most believably have cummed in a vinyl sleeve do you think? I think might kind of backstory might be the only way to get any real money for it.
>> No. 429959 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 11:37 pm
429959 spacer

>There's a Monty Python one that's stuck together somehow, which Python would most believably have cummed in a vinyl sleeve do you think? I think might kind of backstory might be the only way to get any real money for it.

Definitely John Cleese.


>> No. 429801 Anonymous
23rd August 2019
Friday 9:50 pm
429801 spacer
Oh fuck. I am 27 yo male virgin. Never touched a girl. I am fucking tired od this shit. I am not shy. Every friday and so today i go out into the streets looking for something to do but i return home done nothing. How do I change it whete do I start? I dont have any friends...
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>> No. 429802 Anonymous
23rd August 2019
Friday 10:09 pm
429802 spacer
>whete do I start?

>>/emo/. Failing that, Slimming World.
>> No. 429803 Anonymous
23rd August 2019
Friday 10:35 pm
429803 spacer


>> No. 428568 Anonymous
7th July 2019
Sunday 9:11 am
428568 spacer
A permaban for 'having some sort of mental breakdown' by posting about an old woman buying 16 packets of crumpets?

Clearly Big Toast is behind this. They've always been wary of crumpets.
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>> No. 429541 Anonymous
15th August 2019
Thursday 8:04 pm
429541 spacer

Cream cracker, spoonful of baked beans, dash of tabasco, slice of cheddar, 30 seconds in the microwave. Bosh.
>> No. 429542 Anonymous
15th August 2019
Thursday 8:12 pm
429542 spacer
Microwaving a cracker? Madness!
>> No. 429543 Anonymous
15th August 2019
Thursday 9:29 pm
429543 spacer
>>429539 I finally figured out that, if eating a cracker with a topping, it's best to eat it with the topping on the bottom (bottoming?), to get a nice tonguefull of flavour before masticating.
>> No. 429547 Anonymous
15th August 2019
Thursday 11:14 pm
429547 spacer

It's crackers alright.

I'll get my coat.
>> No. 429550 Anonymous
16th August 2019
Friday 6:51 am
429550 spacer
Wouldn't it be better to have the topping on the top and turn it upside down rather than having the topping on the bottom? Depends whether you prefer the smooth or the bobbly side of the cracker, I guess.

>> No. 429385 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 1:44 pm
429385 spacer
What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?
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>> No. 429497 Anonymous
12th August 2019
Monday 11:40 am
429497 spacer
That's a scam. Vacuum's already clean else it wouldn't be vacuum.
>> No. 429498 Anonymous
12th August 2019
Monday 11:56 am
429498 spacer

McKenzie Crook?
>> No. 429500 Anonymous
12th August 2019
Monday 1:00 pm
429500 spacer


Kurtan Mucklowe off of This Country?
>> No. 429501 Anonymous
12th August 2019
Monday 1:05 pm
429501 spacer
It would be a non-ideal vacuum.
>> No. 429536 Anonymous
14th August 2019
Wednesday 11:31 pm
429536 spacer
I masturbate vigorously.

>> No. 429364 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 3:24 pm
429364 Online Friends
Is there a way to make friends online that doesn't involve video games, joining a prescribed organisation or both?
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>> No. 429405 Anonymous
7th August 2019
Wednesday 1:33 pm
429405 spacer

This reminds me of my own problems with beautiful women. I'm fine talking to everyone ,all of the time as long as I don't have an agenda, in fact in the normal flow of things I could switch to seduction.

As soon as I see someone who I find highly desirable all of that goes out the window. The desire to actually impress them and get them to like me corrupts everything else and I can't function because I'm so worked up over not failing that I am willing to sacrifice all elements of my own personality to try be on their right side.
>> No. 429415 Anonymous
8th August 2019
Thursday 12:14 am
429415 spacer
This is like the "always wear old pants to a date" rule. I am exactly the same. A slightly plain but intelligent woman and I can talk all night - someone gives me the hots, I become a giggling mess.
>> No. 429421 Anonymous
8th August 2019
Thursday 2:15 am
429421 spacer
The trick is to act completely uninterested until they go away.
>> No. 429459 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 1:45 pm
429459 spacer

>> No. 429472 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 7:14 pm
429472 spacer

I tend to lean to the other side. I've had enough relationships in my life as well as extended periods of being single that I know that there is no need, and no point in being desperate for a partner. Intermittent feelings of emotional and sexual loneliness aside which inevitably occur at times when you are single, I know that for some time, you can lead a quite happy life without a partner.

Also, you do harden with age and maybe become a bit cynical where too much cynicism isn't due, but if anything, a woman has to convince me these days that I am willing to give up certain parts of my personal freedom that you inevitably give up when you enter a romantic relationship. I'm a good negotiator because that is a skill I have had to develop in my professional career, but I also know when being with somebody just for the sake of not being single is not a proposition I want to enter. And perhaps surprising to some of you lads, women have been all the more attracted to me for that kind of stance in recent years.

>> No. 429367 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 7:51 pm
429367 Come and meet the Queen of /b/!!!
Konnie Huq is doing a storytime and book signing at the Charing Cross Road branch of Foyles this Thursday, lads! Though you will ideally need to have a kid with you, if you don't have one of your own just borrow someone else's (with their consent, obviously).
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>> No. 429368 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 8:53 pm
429368 spacer
Oh you.
>> No. 429369 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 8:59 pm
429369 spacer
The woman doesn't age.
>> No. 429370 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 9:15 pm
429370 spacer
Will Brooker be there, standing grumpily at the side?
>> No. 429373 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 9:44 pm
429373 spacer

I adore her as much as the next creepy britfags user but that picture has clearly been softened which makes her look younger.


I wonder how he will react to my attempts to chat her up.
>> No. 429392 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 8:50 pm
429392 spacer
bloody hell shes as peng as i remember

The United Peoples Reform Party.jpg
>> No. 429375 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 11:22 pm
429375 The United Peoples Reform Party
For far too long we as humans have put up with a constant bombardment of fake information from both the left and the right, the destruction of our home we call Earth, our enslavement by corporations, and the politicians from both sides of the political spectrum telling us they'll fix things while they just act for their own personal gain. Enough is enough. The United Peoples Reform Party is trying to make a change; the more people we get the stronger we become, the stronger we become the more change we can bring. This is not a matter of Democrat or Republican or left or right. This is a matter of us unifying for our own greater good. Because in the wned we are all we have in this world. If you are interested message TheUnitedPeoplesReformParty#9720 on Discord for an interview. Together we can make a change.
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>> No. 429377 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 11:43 pm
429377 spacer


>> No. 429378 Anonymous
5th August 2019
Monday 11:49 pm
429378 spacer
So just how racist are you?
>> No. 429380 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 1:29 am
429380 spacer
Does your Discord server have all the latest and greatest custom emojis?
>> No. 429382 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 9:21 am
429382 spacer
>This is not a matter of Democrat or Republican

Begone with this American bollocks.
>> No. 429391 Anonymous
6th August 2019
Tuesday 8:36 pm
429391 spacer


There is nothing more awkward than some Ameritard who has never left the country indulging in One World fantasies.

61ytwXSPd L._SL1500_.jpg
>> No. 428025 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:52 pm
428025 spacer
My other half has squeezed all of the washing up liquid into a Kilner bottle.

Lads, I don't get it. I really don't get it. I mean, I gave up trying to understand women a long time ago but every now and then something happens that leaves me utterly flummoxed beyond all comprehension. Is 'WITH NOTHING TO SAY BECAUSE I AM A CUNT' still wordfiltered? I mean, she's moved it from one bottle... to another bottle. It doesn't even pour that well so you always end up using more than you intended to. I doubt anyone in the entire history of humankind has ever thought "washing up liquid in a glass bottle, nice." It's bright yellow and she also pours the cooking oil into a Kilner bottle, which she doesn't store too far away from it, so I can almost certainly guarantee at some point in the future she'll end up frying food in washing up liquid. The lid is also a faff. Just... why? Why, lads?

Can you lads please reassure me that your lasses do stupid shit like this?
122 posts and 9 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 429161 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 11:17 am
429161 spacer

> and dead twigs in vases

That one has stumped me too. Window space is a scarce commodity if, like me, you enjoy gardening and are into - live - plants. A dead pussy willow twig in a vase on a window sill serves no function, is a dust collector, which then needs regular attention dusting it off, and really looks kind of sad. When that space could be used for anything from newly germinated chili pepper plants at the beginning of spring to my collection of cacti in winter. A dead willow twig is dead, no manner of light through the window is going to bring it back to life, so if you inconceivably want to hold on to it anyway, why does it have to be on the window sill.


>It is a "Women, aye?" thing. So many inconsistencies and contradictions in their behavioral patterns.

And yet, they accuse us of exactly the same. Like, why we feel the need to leave dirty used socks lying around, when we could just as easily pick them up and throw them right in the hamper or washing machine on our next trip to the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever your washing machine is located. You can't argue with the little shred of logic in that idea, but who really thinks of that when we take our socks off.
>> No. 429164 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 3:18 pm
429164 spacer
Yup. My wife insists on "show pillows" to go on top of the normal pillows through the day. Pity absolutely no one ever is in the bedroom during the day. When we get back from work she takes them back off again. Why ffs?
>> No. 429275 Anonymous
29th July 2019
Monday 7:22 pm
429275 spacer

>Why ffs?

Because that one issue of Marie Claire two months ago said so.

Really all you have to do is browse those women's magazines online (I dare you), and you will see where women get all those ideas from.
>> No. 429276 Anonymous
29th July 2019
Monday 7:27 pm
429276 spacer

Those magazines always have the best tips.
>> No. 429278 Anonymous
29th July 2019
Monday 7:45 pm
429278 spacer


Hard to argue with that assertion.

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