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>> No. 5552 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 3:18 pm
5552 Looking for a video
I recall seeing a video maybe 8-10 years ago which this sculpture reminded me of. Does this bring anything to mind?

I think I might have found it on here, spent 20 minutes googling and youtubing but haven't got a clue.

It's like a 5~ minute video of a dilapidated factory, shots lasting maybe 30 seconds-1 min, set on top of some ambient industrial music.

It consists of figures like the one inset, kind of warped and dissociative imagery with these figures spasming and disintegrating. They're all CGI, I think.

It might be part of the same video, the other image I have is of these figures falling sideways into some sort of cube or surface and disintegrating. Possibly representing God, I'm not quite sure.

This was from before I'd tried acid.
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>> No. 5553 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
5553 spacer
This was my first thought but I don't remember a factory.

>> No. 5554 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 3:53 pm
5554 spacer

Ahh it had kind of the same vibe, but not completely CGI, thanks for the look in though. Think I actually had a look at that one whilst searching.

More like a real warehouse in grainy b/w with these grotesque human figures vibrating. The music was definitely in the background, I remember it was specifically a video for the art, not for a musician.
>> No. 5555 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 4:23 pm
5555 spacer

the OP made me think of this but now it doesn't sound like it.
>> No. 5556 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 4:45 pm
5556 spacer

It made me think of this too but it's far too new.

>> No. 5557 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 8:38 pm
5557 spacer
>>5555 >>5556

Neither of these but they're both class.
>> No. 5558 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 10:14 am
5558 spacer
Well this is odd, I'm pretty sure I'm searching for the same video. Last I saw it was years ago, but was it called something all in caps? Like "META" something?
>> No. 5559 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 10:17 am
5559 spacer
Well thanks to you I just went searching again, and even though I spent hours on this the other night and turned up with nothing, I've just found the video I was looking for. Is this the one, OP?

>> No. 5560 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 4:17 pm
5560 spacer

Bloody well done. Thank you for you time!

Were you guys looking cos of this or did it crop up independently?
>> No. 5561 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 11:23 pm
5561 spacer
Sorry both those posts were me. No I'd thought about it a few weeks ago and tried to find it, all I could remember was the "META" part, but I spent a good half an hour searching various sites and using different combinations of searches and turned up with nothing at all so I gave up. Then I see this and found it within 5 minutes. Universe is weird, but thank you as well.

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