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>> No. 5505 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 11:33 am
5505 DIY film scanning
Sup lads,

Anyone scan their own film? I get my 120 developed at Jessops because of their student discount, but their scans are absolutely atrocious.

Anyone have any preferred methods of DIY film scanning? I have a Digital SLR and extension tubes, but it's just lighting and keeping the film flat.

Picture is one of their scans, and I'll attach a scan I tried with my phone as the backlight just for comparison.
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>> No. 5506 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 11:50 am
5506 spacer

The cool-down time between posts is a bit silly - 15+ minutes?
>> No. 5507 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 11:55 am
5507 spacer
That's for making new threads and given recent events is justified.
>> No. 5508 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 1:05 pm
5508 spacer
It wouldn't let me reply - I wasn't trying to make a new thread.

Anyway, for that photo, I wish I could have opened the aperture wider to stop the pixels coming through, but I don't at present have a way to clamp the film.
>> No. 5509 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 2:55 pm
5509 spacer
Get yourself an old manual-focus macro lens and a light table off eBay, then follow this tutorial. If you take your time and use a half-decent lens, you'll get results comparable to a high-end drum scan.


I'd also suggest developing your own film. A basic kit costs about £60, but it'll pay for itself after about 10 rolls. It gives you a lot more flexibility and control, especially if you're using cheap film that's past its expiry date.
>> No. 5510 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 3:39 pm
5510 spacer
Thanks lad. I was thinking of building my own light table, but you can get them for a tenner off ebay anyway, so that's tempting. I will think about the macro lens but I already have a set of extension tubes and there seems to be a decent amount of resolution with my 50mm at f/8, and I suppose I could go even closer and stitch them together.

With regards to film developing, I don't really have access to a dark enough room.
>> No. 5511 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 4:41 pm
5511 spacer


You need a darkroom for making prints, but you don't need one to develop film. All the developing happens inside an opaque plastic cylinder. To load the film into the developing cylinder, you use a changing bag - an opaque black cloth bag with two elasticated holes for your hands. There's a bit of a knack to it, but it's not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. A film changing bag costs about £15 and is handy for all sorts of other tasks.
>> No. 5512 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 9:39 pm
5512 spacer
>A film changing bag costs about £15 and is handy for all sorts of other tasks.
Like a playground?
>> No. 5513 Anonymous
22nd September 2017
Friday 8:56 am
5513 spacer
Max Spielmann have a student discount and do 120 if that's any use.
>> No. 5532 Anonymous
4th January 2018
Thursday 9:49 pm
5532 spacer

Before I enlarged this image I thought it was a funny photoshop of a two legged cat sasquatch creature lumbering to the left.

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