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>> No. 28764 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 4:48 pm
28764 Summer
Fuck off sun

It is 34 today, it'll be 37 on Thursday.
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>> No. 28765 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 5:15 pm
28765 spacer

You know what they say, lad. Make hay while the sun shines.
I fucking hate making hay. Tractor's running hot, too, and has such a sketchy electrical system that none of the gauges work...
Thursday is baling day. Need to dig out the coolbox and a shitload of not-beer. Work has just kicked off, too, so I'm going to have to do stuff in the mornings and evenings.
Roll on the winter, or at least the autumn. I like autumn.
>> No. 28766 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 5:26 pm
28766 spacer
Is it just me or do you sweat more as you get older? Every time I leave the house I seem to end up with beads of sweat running down me.
>> No. 28767 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 5:33 pm
28767 spacer
I think I'm maybe sweating less as I get fitter. Hard to tell, I've always been pretty sweaty. Not sure it's a defect, though, just a body trying to ditch heat.
>> No. 28768 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 5:44 pm
28768 spacer

I've definitely noticed this. I'm not sure if it's age or the inevitable weight you put on over the years. I'm just crossing over the tipping point where I'm not the lithe, slender younglad build any more, and it's actually a bit of a shock to the system. It really doesn't take much of a gut before you notice it's harder to bend down, your jeans are suddenly really tight, and so on.

I'm going to have to do something about it soon. Never been to a gym in my life and never bothered much about what I eat, so it's going to be an uphill struggle.

I think I'm just going to give up food, live on Huel, get an exercise bike, and do a hundred push ups and a hundred sit ups every night. If any /fit/ lads can point out any flaws in this plan please let me know.
>> No. 28769 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 5:58 pm
28769 spacer
come and make hay. It's fucking hard work, especially if you have to stack it in the barn by hand. 1500 reps, lifting 25kg to 12foot, climbing a wobbly haystack. Avoiding heatstroke is an issue.
You'll not get fit, as it's only 2 days a year, but it gives you an incentive to not let it go too badly inbetween years, as being feeble only makes it worse.
>> No. 28770 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:00 pm
28770 spacer
Honestly enjoy the hot weather, it's like being on holiday.

The British internet moan about hot weather as if staying hydrated and wearing shorts when you can is getting as annoying as people randomly rating a full English and saying how they could do it better.

It's nice, deal with it.
>> No. 28771 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:01 pm
28771 spacer
Your body more readily sweats when you're in shape. Stop insinuating that I ate all the pies.
>> No. 28772 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:08 pm
28772 spacer
Even though my organisation has allowed the corporate divisions to wear plain white / pastel polo shirts, my Boss is vehemently against what she sees as slovenly attire - she'll only allow us to wear them if we tuck them into our kecks. This defeats the purpose of allowing loose, comfortable clothing.

Oh, I hate this.
>> No. 28773 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:29 pm
28773 spacer
>>28770 it's not nice, you reptilian cunt. Away with your scaly trolling.
>> No. 28775 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:35 pm
28775 spacer
I was watching the thermostat steadily climb all day before it peaked at 25.5 degrees. 37 is just bonkers, that's hotter than the human body. I'm not a veiled Berber, I don't know how to live in this forsaken weather.

The people demand the fall of the regime!
>> No. 28776 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:37 pm
28776 spacer
My workplace is doing dress down all week, plus we've got shitloads of lollies through petty cash. I've lost count of the number of mint Magnums I've eaten at work this month.
>> No. 28777 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 7:09 pm
28777 spacer
I work outside for a fair amount of my day now so I fucking love the weather. I still have to wear a shirt and trousers so I was a bit sweaty, but at least I've got a lovely farmer's tan coming on.
>> No. 28781 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 9:51 pm
28781 spacer
Tomorrow I'm going in shorts and they can fuck off if they don't like it. I have to work in a room with three autoclaves.
>> No. 28782 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 10:30 pm
28782 spacer

I have never worn shorts in my adult life.
>> No. 28783 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 10:32 pm
28783 spacer

>live on Huel

I fucking knew it! as soon as I saw this thread http://britfa.gs/b/res/427901.html Shit off you viral marketing cunt!
>> No. 28786 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 11:23 pm
28786 spacer
I have been wearing shorts into the office for over a month now. The company made a ruling that suitable shorts are fine to wear from April to September.
>> No. 28789 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 11:33 pm
28789 spacer
I've left my bedroom windows open and now there's shitloads of moths and insects on the ceiling.
>> No. 28791 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 12:03 am
28791 spacer
I made that mistake years ago, never again. Ruined the whole summer, Rockband had just come and everything, but the room was crawling with house spiders.
>> No. 28795 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 1:20 am
28795 spacer
I got attacked by mosquitoes last night. You know mosquitoes, right? Leave a little itchy bump like acne where they bit you? Fuck no, these bastards have deformed me. Back of my neck swollen up like a reverse goitre, got a crabapple growing under my forearm, a whole new set of muscles in my leg only they just prevent me bending my ankle as the skin's too tight. Spot in the centre of my chest looking like someone took an iron to it and killed off the skin cells leaving 2x2cm of dead white flesh.
>> No. 28806 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 12:39 pm
28806 spacer
How can people not have mesh netting over their windows in the foul year of our lord 2019?
>> No. 28827 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 3:07 pm
28827 spacer
I've developed a technique of keeping the curtains closed and spraying them down with water I am honestly amazed how well it is working against the heat.
>> No. 28829 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 3:32 pm
28829 spacer
I'm venturing into the heat to journey to the market place to barter for cool liquids wish me luck!

>> No. 28830 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 3:45 pm
28830 spacer
I'm not sure how much the water will help but keeping curtains in direct sunlight closed is sensible.
Use sash windows at night too, hot air goes out cool air comes in.
>> No. 28832 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 4:48 pm
28832 spacer
>I'm not sure how much the water will help

I don't see why it wouldn't. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaporative_cooler
>> No. 28833 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 4:51 pm
28833 spacer
Today my diet has largely consisted of a Cornetto, a Nobbly Bobbly, a rocket lolly and a neapolitan ice cream sandwich.
>> No. 28834 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 6:21 pm
28834 spacer

Well, that was a laugh. Still got lots to do, but it's too bastard hot, and my sweat quota's all used up.
>> No. 28835 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 6:47 pm
28835 spacer
Nobbly bobblys are shite, though What were you thinking?
>> No. 28836 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 6:48 pm
28836 spacer
Presumably some variation of:
"Christ, this fucking heat. What have I got in here that's frozen and sweet?"
>> No. 28837 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 9:42 pm
28837 spacer
"An ear of wheat, some scraps of meat, a rubber thing that's not discreet"
>> No. 28838 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 10:55 pm
28838 spacer

It's just a failed attempt at a Fab, which is objectively the best ice lolly.
>> No. 28839 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 10:59 pm
28839 spacer

We've been over this before. Fab lollies are for girls.
>> No. 28840 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 11:54 pm
28840 spacer


Marlboro fags were originally marketed to women, but I think we can agree that the branding has moved on.
>> No. 28841 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 12:17 am
28841 spacer

Despite a risk of "severe" thunderstorms, no such thing looks to be happening. Looks like a disgustingly clammy night in store.
>> No. 28842 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 12:37 am
28842 spacer
There's been thunder since about 8pm and it's still making grumbling rolling noises now.
>> No. 28845 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 3:29 pm
28845 spacer

weather break.jpg
been sweating my ass off all week welding in this heat. but 3 hours before i leave the fucking weekend rain starts again FML.

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