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>> No. 21256 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 6:34 pm
21256 Exhibitionists
I am concerned that the world is becoming more and more exhibitionistic in the worst possible way. Any idiot with a popular enough blog/twitter/YouTube can suddenly become an over night expert in the eyes of increasingly lazy and stupid journalists who in turn feed thesencretins to the masses.

Then there is the over sharing people do on social media. Posting about your wedding is fine to a point, but a week of new fucking updates AND new albums from the same event ever day!

My neighbours also had loud sex which irked me more than it should have.
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>> No. 21263 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 7:35 pm
21263 spacer
Facebook is Jeremy Kyle but with people you know.
>> No. 21264 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 7:59 pm
21264 spacer
That sounds horrible.
>> No. 21265 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 8:20 pm
21265 spacer
Excellent and true description. I used it for about a year before, hopefully, quitting forever. The word 'used' does imply the subtly addictive qualities.

My friends list featured some fairly high profile writers, artists, and musicians I know, and guess what? They are all acting like exhibitionist teenage halfwits too. They are all calling out their partners, blatantly hitting on attached people, posting fucking selfies or pics of their horrible kids or dinners, getting catty and passive aggressive with their best mates, threatening to end it all or posting direct threats of violence drunkenly. It might be good for people who are housebound or live a long way away from their IRL mates but it's a madhouse and I've heard even worse things about twitter.
>> No. 21266 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 9:07 pm
21266 spacer
You're describing narcissism, not exhibitionism. I like exhibitionism, whether it's me or others doing it. It's a nice, harmless taboo.
>> No. 21274 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:01 pm
21274 spacer
To an extent, it has always been like this as far as I remember. If only the scale was noticeably smaller (journalists wouldn't interview those people).

>> No. 20978 Anonymous
5th September 2015
Saturday 6:24 pm
20978 spacer
What idiot thought that putting everything on the screen like this and forcing people to scroll down to watch a cunting video was a good idea? I thought youtube was bad, but these cunts are even worse.
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>> No. 21030 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 2:03 am
21030 spacer
Go on then, let's have it.
>> No. 21031 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 3:16 am
21031 spacer
But unluckily for you and your whole shit cunt family (ref: Nil By Mouth), I'm OP at /b/394410 .

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 21032 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 3:21 am
21032 spacer
>> No. 21035 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 10:12 am
21035 spacer

>(ref: Nil By Mouth)

It's not even lunch time and I come on here and I'm patronised by fucking edgelords. What a start to a Wednesday.
>> No. 21036 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 10:18 am
21036 spacer
Well that's just sad.

Interestingly there has been a rise in this stuff though, now that the internet is much more widely used. It's called Online Disinhibition Effect. What I think we're seeing more of now though, is it bleeding from the online world into the real one, as pretty much everyone is using the internet now. It's too easy for people to dissociate themselves and just view things as a game. But this can in fact breed a low EQ in people if they're online for a vast majority of their time everyday and not interacting often with others. More so with kids now growing up with the internet being a major factor in their lives. People will fall into two groups generally. The ones that are just disconnected/have a low EQ and people who genuinely have some kind of disorder. You can see this in a lot of things now, though. It's pretty interesting but also somewhat worrying.

Personally I'm not a cunt and don't require people to be suffering for my entertainment, but hey-ho.

>> No. 20930 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 11:34 pm
20930 Britfags image backgrounds
Hello lads,

Is there any way to permanently disable all the backgrounds and styles for all the boards on this here site? So far I've only been able to do this by mucking around with the html everytime I load a page which is laborious.

Please enlighten me.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 20944 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 3:27 pm
20944 spacer
>> No. 20945 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 7:30 pm
20945 spacer
>> No. 20946 Anonymous
2nd September 2015
Wednesday 7:37 pm
20946 spacer
>> No. 20947 Anonymous
3rd September 2015
Thursday 12:28 am
20947 spacer
>> No. 20948 Anonymous
3rd September 2015
Thursday 12:38 am
20948 spacer


>> No. 20666 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 10:16 pm
20666 Skip this if you don't want to read me bitch about inane shit.
I had contemplated putting this in /emo/, but I don't think I need advice really. I just want to vent and get your opinions. I'll try and be objective.

Anyway, my best mate is getting divorced. "Pretty common." I hear you think, which is true. This woman is twisted though and orchestrated this, I feel.

They were having problems, she clearly wasn't happy for reasons still unclear to my mate and he (oblivious) was getting more and more wound up by her behaviour, because she was deliberately trying to bait him into losing the head over a period of months. So one day he does. He comes home a few hours late from the pub where he was having a couple drinks for his Dad's birthday, after buying her a chippy on route to make up for it, and she accuses him of cheating so he snaps, goes volcanic with rage, and bounces his fish supper off her face and calls her all sorts of names.

This is very bad, I do not condone this.

Queue 4 months later, she has left him because he has "changed" and she didn't love him any more, despite sleeping with him up until the day she fucked off. He is myopic at this stage, distraught, ashamed, can't sleep and can't eat. She is taunting him with guys she is dating, manipulating him and threatening him with their kids. She is a gale force cunt, at this point, in my eyes. His best friends, me and another lass (who he cheated on her with, according to her) build him back up. Get him back out in the world, get him to make her sign a joint custody agreement using Child Tax Credits as leverage.

He goes out, meets a girl. That's fine, things are looking up for him. They agree to go on a date. He fucking tells his ex-wife this, which was stupid, but I understand why he did it; turn about is fair play, etc. She is now livid. LIVID! Starts calling him names, going apeshit, accusing him of trying to replace her in the kids lives by having her "play mother to the kids", full blown meltdown material. They haven't even gone on this date yet, never mind her set foot in his house.

She was the one that left him, she created an opportunity to do that and she left. I don't understand why, but she did. He moped and pined for her for months and we had to drag him out the house, he was depressed over what had happened with fishsuppergate and we had him go to counseling over it. If she wanted him back at any stage during that time she could have had him back. She has no right to give him shit for moving on with his life, when within a week of taking her ring off she was bed hopping and getting pissed every night, smelling of booze when he was picking the kids up from her new gaff.

I fucking hate this woman, lads. I don't want to, but I hate her. There is something seriously wrong with her and I can't for the life of me work out why she is such a horrible person. I've known her for years and I never knew she had this in her. To be fair, I didn't expect my mate to throw his dinner at her, but she has used this as a catalyst for divorce and proof he isn't the man she married. She has been browbeating him about cheating on her since the day they met. Something had to give, at least that is the way I see it, but she takes no responsibility for it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 20865 Anonymous
26th August 2015
Wednesday 4:36 pm
20865 spacer

Which is why she appears on the television and in the news regularly.
>> No. 20866 Anonymous
26th August 2015
Wednesday 4:40 pm
20866 spacer

What are you, stuck in 2012? Get with the times, you fucking loser.
>> No. 20867 Anonymous
26th August 2015
Wednesday 4:42 pm
20867 spacer
Hm yes, that time she spent in the big brother house was surely indicative of the impact of her later writings on modern fisherperson theory and practice.
>> No. 20868 Anonymous
26th August 2015
Wednesday 4:48 pm
20868 spacer

You are imply that appearing on big brother I somehow a step down from being a revered fisherperson.
>> No. 20869 Anonymous
26th August 2015
Wednesday 4:50 pm
20869 spacer
I "am imply" that her being on the television and in the news is a product of her celebrity, not of her ongoing influence on fishing, which is zero.

simpsons 2.png
>> No. 19991 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 1:10 pm
19991 spacer
Simpsons, never found it funny and think it's the most overrated show in history.

What is /101/'s thoughts on it?
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>> No. 20072 Anonymous
6th July 2015
Monday 10:34 pm
20072 spacer

I get what you're saying, but I think that the difference between news presentation then and now is remarkable. Part of that is technological, but there are also a lot of aesthetic decisions involved. Here's a randomly chosen news bulletin from last year:


We can see a drastic difference in tone almost immediately, with incessant motion and visual clutter. Throughout the programme, the language is notably more hyperbolic and there is a great deal more focus on opinion and personality.

The story on energy prices is opened with a human interest framing. The coverage of the teaching strike was dominated by the impact on parents rather than the issues behind the strike. An entire story was given over to public opinion on the EU. Parliament passing a cap on welfare spending merited just 15 seconds of coverage, while a celebrity divorce got two minutes.

I think it's informative to look at a news bulletin from 1997:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 20643 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:51 pm
20643 spacer
I'd like to echo views that The Simpsons inevitably went down hill after season 12 or so.

Family Guy peaked in it's infancy during season 1.
>> No. 20644 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:53 pm
20644 spacer
Sampling mate.
>> No. 20645 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 9:31 pm
20645 spacer

When youtube got big I thought things would change. People could watch what they want whenever they want and a lot of them created content. Then almost ten years later the most famous youtubers are girls with big breasts, girls who talk about make up, little dumb kids and guys who play video games while talking about playing video games. TV may be almost dead but it killed our taste long ago.
>> No. 20649 Anonymous
18th August 2015
Tuesday 2:36 pm
20649 spacer
You're actually just wrong. The writing in the first 7 series or so is some of the best and most heart-warming comedy ever made.

>> No. 20591 Anonymous
16th August 2015
Sunday 10:28 am
20591 Keith Lemon
I'm not entirely certain what a Keith Lemon is, but I am certain that I don't want one.
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>> No. 20621 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 5:14 pm
20621 spacer

>> No. 20624 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 5:57 pm
20624 spacer
Bill Bailey is looking really old now, it's a bit sad.
>> No. 20633 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 6:36 pm
20633 spacer

I wondered the same for a long time myself. He came up when I searched for "deadpan face", leading me to finally discover the picture's origins. I left you a clue in the file name.


It's not Yahtzee. He's a much uglier bastard.
>> No. 20641 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:06 pm
20641 spacer
You poor, deranged fool.
>> No. 20642 Anonymous
17th August 2015
Monday 7:17 pm
20642 spacer


>> No. 17297 Anonymous
27th November 2014
Thursday 9:57 pm
17297 Minor rants and piss-offs MK III Locked
I hate it when threads get too long to comfortably load in their entirety.
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>> No. 20565 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 11:41 am
20565 spacer

It should just work when you disable it on channel4.com.
>> No. 20566 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 1:03 pm
20566 spacer

You need to disable your adblocker for the whole channel4.com domain, not just the page you're trying to view.
>> No. 20567 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 1:10 pm
20567 spacer

Well, yeah. That is what I said, after all.
>> No. 20568 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 2:41 pm
20568 spacer
Should. Doesn't .
>> No. 20569 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 3:20 pm
20569 spacer
I had this problem, and just ended up watching 4OD and ITV Player in IE which (since I never use it otherwise) has no adblocker.

Kings Cross evacuated as armed police make drugs a.png
>> No. 20537 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 7:38 pm
20537 ad server fan
loading the telegraph, and they wonder why people run ad blockers.

they need to make money but this is bloody ridiculous
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>> No. 20549 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 9:36 pm
20549 spacer
Yet they still work well enough. Fancy that.
>> No. 20550 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 9:37 pm
20550 spacer
And yet here we are, in a thread about how they don't work well enough.
>> No. 20551 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 9:40 pm
20551 spacer
I think you're in the wrong thread, m7.
>> No. 20553 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 9:48 pm
20553 spacer
>So this isn't the thread where we discuss how The Telegraph have started running their own in-house ads because adblockers are ruining the CPM at ad agencies?
Doesn't look like it. It looks like the thread where we discuss how respectable news websites are running such awful ads that people might want to use ad blockers.
>> No. 20554 Anonymous
13th August 2015
Thursday 9:54 pm
20554 spacer
Joke's on him. They're Outbrain ads.

>> No. 20325 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 12:58 am
20325 spacer
Recruitment consultant jobs adverts. They're fucking everywhere for a start, and the even try and pretend they're not recruitment consultants. Fucking 'executive search' and the like. I'm having to sift through all this fucking wank to find anything I can actually apply for.

>> No. 20288 Anonymous
24th July 2015
Friday 4:07 pm
20288 To The Householder
The sheer quantity of crap I receive off virgin media, is just absolutely abhorrent.
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>> No. 20307 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:25 pm
20307 spacer
I thought we'd established that the spam comes whether you're one of their customers or not.
>> No. 20308 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:32 pm
20308 spacer
>I get 80 which works out at 8.7 Mb/s
If someone's trying to point out to another adult how many centimetres are in a metre, they better not start talking about 100 kilometres.

>I'd have to point out to you...
Must you? I bet you're the lad that always does this, always points out how in certain areas VM seems to suffer from congestion. Yes, that's perhaps something people should be aware of, but you always talk as if it's a network-wide problem and it's simply and very obviously not. I could start talking about how with VM I often had the lowest ping in packed gaming servers, but the point wasn't to seriously evaluate competing ISPs, no.
>> No. 20309 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:28 pm
20309 spacer

>you always talk as if

Demonstrably false, Richard.
>> No. 20310 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:30 pm
20310 spacer

Yeah m8, if you live in the country it is fine. Anywhere with more than 3 houses to a street and it's shit.
>> No. 20311 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:33 pm
20311 spacer

>but the point wasn't to seriously evaluate competing ISPs

Then why on earth did you bring up internet speeds in the first place when we were discussing spam mail, you deranged pillock?

>> No. 20089 Anonymous
7th July 2015
Tuesday 11:46 pm
20089 spacer
I thought that if I would just ignore all the nonsense from disreputable websites like 'The Mind Unleashed' it would eventually die of its own accord but if anything it appears to be getting stronger. Has anyone else noticed this or is it a consequence of the booster jabs I had the other day?

Its not just that children have already died from the vaccine conspiracy but I innocently clicked one of those links that got shared and read the comments, it was as you might imagine full of asshats having a circle jerk wank over how much smarter (or more open-minded) they were to the sheeple. What is worse is that it seems to be a trend that is steadily creeping more into real life encounters whereas before people had the good sense to keep it online or at least in their circles.

The obvious answer would be to challenge this from friends sharing it on facebook but that doesn't really work when on social media egos are at stake. So yeah I dunno, maybe we should go back to using MSN.
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>> No. 20104 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 4:54 pm
20104 spacer
Well I'm still using my Facebook account.
>> No. 20105 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 4:56 pm
20105 spacer
Even more boring than the real snopes?
>> No. 20106 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 5:00 pm
20106 spacer
Thanks for the update. Coming up at the top of the hour, a roundup of who's returning from their Twitter break and who isn't, but first the weather with some guy with a foreign name.
>> No. 20107 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 7:49 pm
20107 spacer

>> No. 20185 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 3:40 am
20185 spacer
I wouldn't expect that to be of much use. I wouldn't imagine that the typical person who falls for that shit is likely to appreciate the value of scepticism, critical thinking or even understand why checking sources is important.

I know it makes me sound like an arrogant dickhead, but one of the reasons I hate facebook is being reminded that people this thick exist in droves. I genuinely don't understand how they operate in society.

>> No. 17107 Anonymous
7th November 2014
Friday 12:29 pm
17107 spacer
When people to whom English is a second language adopt an American accent.

This is irksome to me, I would like it to be put in room /101/.
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>> No. 19977 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 1:45 am
19977 spacer
No, lad, read it again. Dayda with a D, not dayta with a T.
>> No. 19985 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 12:39 pm
19985 spacer
Americans can also be 'pissy' about people adopting any semblance of a British accent. They treat is as a direct attack on their country for some reason.

'Man, do you hate America so much you choose to speak British? There are plenty of good folks over here, you know, you don't have to try so hard.'
>> No. 19986 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 2:15 pm
19986 spacer

>Who the hell says da-ta?

I do, because I'm educated.

I also insist on using the correct singular form.
>> No. 19988 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 4:55 pm
19988 spacer
>> No. 19989 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 5:08 pm
19989 spacer
This post has reminded me a rant by some Swede on the otherchan about how American media are destroying his country's culture.

Quoting from memory: 'They use English phrases all around and they pronounce them with such a perfect American accent that I'm almost scared'.

>> No. 19923 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 11:58 am
19923 spacer
Not sure if this warrants it's own thread, but I have a neighbour problem and it's turned into a rather serious one.

Basically, I live in a nice apartment complex, it's quiet, secluded and generally all the people living there are pleasant.

However, across from me lives a strange couple. A man, probably in his late 50s, maybe early 60s, with what appears his "wife" - a woman probably in her early 30s, young enough to be his daughter basically. She is Spanish speaking and I guess he can speak it too - and I only know this because of the frequent shouting fights the woman has with her husband. I sort of pick up bits here and there, and it sounds like nonsense, but the volume is ludicrous, to the point where if you have windows closed, you can easily pick up the screaming.

This has gone on and off for a about a year, and since it's summer, my windows are open constantly, and I have to listen to this bollox daily. But not only during the day, but night as well. For 3 days in a row, around 4 am, the bitch can be heard wailing like some kind of demented banshee, and last night was no exception, which her wailing some weird song.

I got fed up with it, and planned to write a strongly worded letter to them, I'm a pussy and I don't want confrontations, so anonymity is key. But I needed the apartment number to get it right. As I walked up to their side of the building, I bumped into one of their neighbours, a nice Columbian girl, whose expression dropped when I asked her about the noise.

Things are far more complicated than I first assumed, and it seems this crazy bitch is legitimately demented, when the Columbian girl had friends over, crazy bitch shouted curses at them, to which one of the Columbian girl's friends responded. Within 30 seconds, the crazy bitch ran down and tried to smash the door down. Obviously not letting her in the Columbian girl was reasonably shook up, but there have been several incidents where she would have the crazy bitch banging on her door at 6am.

So tl;dr, crazy neighbour bitch is disturbing the peace and threatening other people - is there a swift, permanent solution to this issue?

Cheers in advance.
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>> No. 19981 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:22 am
19981 spacer
I make one comment about how it's not appropriate to fetishise a racial identity and you lads are falling all over yourselves to dismiss these concerns.
>Step away from tumblr and its tributaries.
>Have a word with yourselves
>Step away from the computer

What's next, 'calm down dear'?
>> No. 19982 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:27 am
19982 spacer

michael winner Esure[1].jpg
We're not falling over ourselves. We're just dismissing your concerns.
>> No. 19983 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:41 am
19983 spacer
If you really didn't care you wouldn't comment at all.
>> No. 19984 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:51 am
19984 spacer

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron addres.jpg
I didn't say I didn't care. I do care. I dismissed your dire gender-driven drivel because I care. Now it seems like you want a competition to see who can dismiss the other the hardest. You needn't trouble yourself; I already won when I broke out the Winster.
>> No. 19987 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 4:07 pm
19987 spacer
I'm pretty sure it's the same guy who calls everyone fascist/racist. I do believe he is the biggest cunt I have ever seen posting anywhere on the net.

*checks which board this is*

Ok,l this comment is fair game. Please sodomise yourself to death extreme-leftylad.

>> No. 19861 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 4:08 pm
19861 Things People Endlessly Bring Up
Lads, like remember when like Freddos were like 10p?
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 19893 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 11:40 pm
19893 spacer
Me and mates used to go halves on a ten pack of L&B for a quid each, now they're over £5!
>> No. 19894 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 12:14 am
19894 spacer


We're all doomed.
>> No. 19898 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 1:12 am
19898 spacer

>> No. 19899 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 1:44 am
19899 spacer
How great punk was. Fuck off.
>> No. 19901 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 3:37 pm
19901 spacer

I've wound up on forums like that before, not about that subject but within that sphere of nuttiness. I never remember to bookmark them.

There was this one, right, it had a terribly UI, and the users were obsessed with tea and gramm... Egads.

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