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>> No. 23313 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 12:36 am
23313 Breaking News - AIBU
I think there should be strict time limits on how often news channels are allowed to display the claim 'breaking news'.

Breaking news should be the start of a new likely-to-be headline story, not a recent update on a pre-existing story, unless it is such a significant development that it is a new likely-to-be a headline in and of itself. Obviously there's a philosophical problem as to what would count as a 'significant development', but with a daily time limit, the news channels would soon figure it out.

I don't even want to be that strict on it, but just to throw a suggestion on the table, a maximum of 4 hours of displaying the words between 8am and 8pm, and a 4 hours overnight would be satisfying for me. Planned national events, like Remembrance Day should be forbidden from claiming 'breaking news' as the Queen lays down her wreath. However, planned national events like a general election could use the 'breaking news' display when announcing the overall winning result, but this would have to come out of the 4 hour allowance and should be planned for in advance.
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>> No. 23410 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 6:54 pm
23410 spacer
Id rather ask a human being.
>> No. 23411 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 6:59 pm
23411 spacer

Send someone an e-mail asking for them to look it up for you then.
>> No. 23429 Anonymous
23rd July 2016
Saturday 4:02 am
23429 spacer
What's your email?
>> No. 23685 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 10:49 am
23685 spacer
>> No. 24209 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 1:48 am
24209 spacer
!!!!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!

here's some shit about football

>> No. 20571 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 3:44 pm
20571 Minor rants and piss-offs MK IV Locked
Taking into account the sentiment in the OP of >>17297, time for a new thread.

My Mother is up to visit my sister and hasn't even offered to make me soup even though I'm ill. A pox on her first born ch-...wait.
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>> No. 23239 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 5:49 am
23239 spacer
You don't get to choose your own security question?
>> No. 23240 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 6:03 am
23240 spacer
You do and I did exactly that in 2005 or so.
>> No. 23242 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 11:28 am
23242 spacer
I hate that bollocks. I've never had to use the security question for years on any of my accounts, but I recently discovered that Microsoft in particular love locking you out if you sign in from a different country. Did I remember any answers to questions I made 5+ years ago that I never had to use? No. It took me a month to be able to change my security info and get back into my accounts.
>> No. 23243 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 11:45 am
23243 spacer
I once had to tell someone my 'mother's maiden name' over the phone.
I no longer use quite such rude words when filling in stuff, neither of us needed that level of awkwardness - I was only ever expecting to need to type it.
>> No. 23244 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 2:53 pm
23244 spacer
Those dogs sound like they are badly socialised and trained; they shouldn't be picking on other dogs or jumping up once told firmly to stop it. Medium to large dogs, or even small yappy ones, should not be allowed to go mad with jumping on people as dogs are stupid and don't always tell the difference between jumping on a grown adult and a 4 foot child. The fact that they didn't respond to being called back also indicates they're poorly trained. Also, when you have that many dogs being walked how do you even cope without at least a few of them on leads? The fact that you remained fairly polite and calm in the face of being threatened indicates that they were being more cunty than you were.

a misery of estate agents.jpg
>> No. 22678 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 4:44 pm
22678 Estate/ Letting Agents
How is there not a thousand post long /101/ thread on these fuckers yet.

I'm currently having the privileged of negotiating a letting contract with them. Which they are insistent they cannot change. But it doesn't matter that my wishes for use of the property and that I informed them of originally are contradictory with because 'they just won't enforce that bit it's just legally required we put that in there' (it isn't).

This is a deal on a property where we should be moving in in 4 days they gave us the 40 page contract last night and insisted we should be signing by the end of the night that makes reference to agreeing we have seen documents they are yet to provided us with.

Oh yes and they want £150 of fees for providing this standardized contract that they seem incapable of understanding amending, or are being deliberately obtuse as to the implications of 12 months down the line and about £500 more just because.
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>> No. 22693 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 6:03 pm
22693 spacer

Renting and buying is terrible here. I mean really terrible. Estate Agents might well be bastards, but there are higher bastards than them that have continued to do nothing about it, or dare I say, make the situation worse. I assume that it makes too much money, in its chaotic state, to 'justify' improving the system.
>> No. 22694 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 6:51 pm
22694 spacer

I'm not quite one of the hard-line "all property is theft" nutters, but it has to be said that when you look at it, a great deal of the property market and the people who make money off it are completely parasitic and unnecessary.
>> No. 22695 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 7:57 pm
22695 spacer

>> No. 22724 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 6:53 pm
22724 spacer
>I'm not quite one of the hard-line "all property is theft" nutters

Then you deserve to get shafted.
>> No. 22728 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 11:11 pm
22728 spacer

Solidarity in action.

>> No. 22699 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 5:35 pm
22699 spacer
So I gave the fingers of thanks to this young woman waiting on the other side of a single lane arch as I drove past.

She looked at me with either total confusion or antipathy, I'm not good at judging women's emotions as they're not my thing. It's left me questioning, did the young today never learn proper driving etiquette or am I a proper ugly cunt.
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>> No. 22715 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 11:11 pm
22715 spacer
When I have to cross the road, I stare at the cars headlights (because in my head, that's the cars eyes) and wait for it to alert me to cross. It takes a long time to realise that I should be looking at the driver, and not the car, but by then the driver flashes the lights (the cars eyes tells me to cross), and I cross.
>> No. 22716 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 11:20 pm
22716 spacer
I'm a bit autistic when crossing a zebra crossing, I have to make sure the car has actually stopped before I cross. I've stopped looking at the driver because they are usually pissed that I slowed them down. Sorry mate, you're in a metal box, I'm a bag of flesh - I'd rather take my chances of pissing you off than being a part of the road.
>> No. 22717 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 1:03 am
22717 spacer

Hollins Lane.jpg
One presumes something like this.
>> No. 22718 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 2:34 am
22718 spacer

That's not even close to autistic, there are plenty of drivers that will kill out of sheer nonchalance if you're not careful.
>> No. 22719 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 3:32 am
22719 spacer
I wish she'd give me the finger.

>> No. 22494 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 9:01 am
22494 spacer


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>> No. 22507 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 5:42 pm
22507 spacer
Don't be silly. Everybody knows airport security is ridiculous. Part of the reason why they know it's ridiculous is that they've spent 15 years complying with it in all its absurdity.
>> No. 22508 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 7:28 pm
22508 spacer
Being made to throw out precious mammarymilk is a horrible thing. It forms an important part of a childs immune system, it probably took her a while to extract it and the kid will suffer now because he won't get another chance like this to bolster his defences ever again.
>> No. 22509 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 8:20 pm
22509 spacer
Yeah, that's why she probably should have checked out the regulations before attempting to export the products of her industrial scale milking.
>> No. 22510 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 9:01 pm
22510 spacer
She could always, you know, spend time with her son instead of jetting off to the other side of the world so that she has to dump 15 litres worth to keep him going until the next time she'll be in the vicinity and can top up his milk supply again.
>> No. 22697 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 9:23 am
22697 spacer

Please provide answers for these security questions. All of the questions are pre-defined and do not related to you in the least, which ensures that the answer you give here will have been forgotten the next time you try to log in.

When your attempt to log in fails, your account will be frozen and you will be escorted to the password reset facility. There, you will find that your online access has been revoked and you'll need to phone us instead. Since you live during unsociable hours, you'd better set an alarm so you get up while the phone lines are open.

Ah! You remembered to call! Please listen to this monologue about the identity check procedure, understand that it isn't dangerous at all (it really isn't, I promise) and give your consent. If you don't consent then I guess we'll keep your money. Oh, you consent, do you? Excellent. Just answer a few simple questions and you'll have confirmed your identity. Remember that bank account you opened in 2004? Who was it with, and what was the overdraft limit? Where did you live in 2010 and for how long?

It looks like we haven't been able to confirm your identity. Would you like to come into our office in a town 20 miles away, nowhere near a train station and where buses don't stop, to confirm your identity in person?

>> No. 22550 Anonymous
1st May 2016
Sunday 3:00 am
22550 Cunt enablers
Some years ago I was on a plane coming back from visting a relative who lived abroad. At the time I was a very heavy smoker and was dying for a cigarette after a 5 hour flight but knew there was no chance of having one for at least another hour while I went through customs and waited for my luggage.

Cue some bloke who just lights up a cigarette whilst walking through the terminal as we come off the plane. He was a big bald bastard with a mean face and wearing a football shirt or something similar and he simply didn't give a shit that he was breaking the law.

Of course I flirted with the idea of following suit, but I didn't dare. I knew the moment I took my first puff some sort of official/staff member would come out of the toilets and issue me with an on-the-spot fine. Or my fellow passengers would suddenly decide to complain instead of just ignoring the smoke.

I didn't even know his name but I hated that man. I have lain awake every night for the past six years thinking about how much I still hate him. He was breaking the rules and getting away with it. He was doing what I wanted to do but could not because of the fact that I care what other people think and he doesn't. And that made me hate the silent majority of people who did and said nothing, including and primarily myself. Because I was jealous.

We all know the sort of person. The kid who experimented more heavily with drugs as a teenager than the rest of your friends but still went on to be healthy and successful in adulthood. People who shaft business partners and yet are still always somehow able to find someone new to invest in their latest scheme. People who cheat on loving and loyal partners and then get another chance when caught out. Etc etc etc.

Fuck those people but a thousand times more fuck the people who allow those people to continue by allowing themselves to be charmed or won round or even intimidated. Letting someone get away with being a cunt is a negative act, it harms society.
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>> No. 22667 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 7:09 pm
22667 spacer

I'm baffled by what you're getting at...
>> No. 22668 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 7:20 pm
22668 spacer
If we believe in the myth of fairness, collectively, we get a nice society, where you have friendly polite people, like in Japan, for instance.

If we live according to our true cuntish nature we end up with third world shitholes, which are unsafe and uncivilized.

Rulebreaking and uncouth cunts undermine the whole beautiful illusion, and if too many people act like cunts then it all falls apart.
>> No. 22676 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 1:22 pm
22676 spacer

Yeah man, people don't understand Japan! They're all really deep and have no problems whatsoever! If only third-world countries were more polite and had katanas.
>> No. 22677 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 1:58 pm
22677 spacer

And fedoras, don't forget the true mark of a gentle sir is a fedora and a katana.
>> No. 22679 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 7:29 pm
22679 spacer
>If we live according to our true cuntish nature

If our true "nature" is to be cuntish how is there any form of civilised society at all? Surely it's just as much our "nature" to not be a cunt?

>> No. 22520 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 7:16 pm
22520 Beating around the bush
Just fucking say what you want to say. No need to conjure these elaborate ‘my aunt's dad's grandson’ stories.

☑ Ballot spoilt
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>> No. 22528 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 11:25 pm
22528 spacer
Are you, perchance, foreign?
>> No. 22529 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 11:26 pm
22529 spacer
Mate, if you don't think black people should be allowed to post, just say so.

>> No. 21479 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 7:18 pm
21479 spacer
Why is Henry the Hoover ubiquitous? It's a piece of shit designed to appeal to children. What an embarrassment to engineering.

*The connections on the hose disconnect too easily
*The shitty smiley face, I want to punch his head in
*It's laborious to carry up stairs

*You can have sex with it1 (It gives shitty blowies)
*Relatively compact when you think about it, it actually takes up more room than a dyson

[1] http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article868092.ece[/sub]
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>> No. 22371 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 12:22 am
22371 spacer
They almost never break, and when they do they're ridiculously cheap to repair.

They're really not that difficult to carry up stairs, try carrying one of the big Dysons then get back to me on that one.

The face and the fact he has a fucking name, people latch on to that.

They remind me of a shop vac, and there's a reason I've never seen a Dyson or some other bagless upright used in a hotel. It's always Henry.
>> No. 22372 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 1:14 am
22372 spacer

>It's worth remembering that mobile is the only place where we're really genuinely getting more power.

This. The iPhone 6s is 20 times faster than the iPhone 4. Apple have made vast performance gains by designing their own silicon from scratch, throwing billions of dollars at the problem. The 6s is faster than most laptops.


Apple aren't actively conspiring to gimp the performance of old devices, but keeping the OS lean isn't a high priority either. Adding features to software invariably degrades performance. It's inescapable - bigger binaries take longer to load from memory, bigger config files take longer to parse. With that said, Apple are clearly working on performance, if only because saving CPU cycles improves battery life. iOS 9.2 has significant performance improvements in many areas.

Devices also unavoidably get slower with age. This is partly because users tend to install more software (meaning more background tasks) but also because of flash ageing. Flash memory performance plays a large role in responsiveness, but flash does wear out with repeated writes. As flash cells start to fail, the memory controller has to work harder to correct errors and reallocate data, reducing performance. It's roughly analogous to a magnetic hard drive becoming fragmented, only permanent.

Discosure of interests: I'm predominantly an Android user, but I do own an iPad.
>> No. 22373 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 1:55 am
22373 spacer
There's also the dreaded nostalgia filter. People complain about how long their Windows machines take to boot, forgetting that they've always taken that long. It was only when talking to my dad about our old computer that I realised that it wasn't just me being a young child that distorted it - our old 486 on Windows 95 really did take long enough to start that he could boil the kettle for his coffee. (If he wanted tea, he could always use the dial-up.) Last year I moved my desktop from a spinner to solid state, and the increase in speed was very noticeable. We have become so accustomed to things happening near-instantly that waiting even a few seconds for a device to start seems like too long.
>> No. 22374 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 12:43 pm
22374 spacer
Well, in the server market the focus now is less on hardware and more on virtualisation/cloud computing. Rather than running a traditional HA pair to get your 5 9s reliability you can spawn as many virtual machines as you like in the cloud - this is something Amazon have been doing for a while now, and more companies are looking to copy them.
>> No. 22375 Anonymous
3rd April 2016
Sunday 3:07 pm
22375 spacer

Server hardware is still hugely important, it's just now the main goal is performance-per-watt rather than raw performance. DCs are using all sorts of clever tricks to deal with their gargantuan power and cooling requirements. Google have been working on high-temperature DCs that run at >40°C ambient. Intel are developing distributed UPS systems with a small battery in each server to reduce distribution losses. Several companies are working on ARM server chips with massive core counts.

>> No. 22096 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 10:36 am
22096 CV whinge
I was going to tag this onto an existing thread about asking for advice on writing CVs in /job/, but it just spiraled into a rant, so I thought I'd post it here.

I've always hated jobhunting. But, this is the first time in five years that I've been unemployed. I would have probably tried to find another job during the time I had the one I had last, but I hate jobhunting so much that I couldn't bring myself to do it. Now, I'm forced to. I'm hating it even more than I did in the past, probably because I've grown up and gained a more mature perspective on the world of work.

I don't lack confidence in looking for a job or in my expectations of finding one before too long (I took out unemployment insurance years ago, so that I'd be able to keep paying my mortgage, plus I've some money put away, so I don't have the fires of hell under my arse yet) but as regards writing and/or amending my CV, I feel like I've stumbled into a carnival fun house designed by a madman for the explicit purpose of luring others into the depths of insanity.

Firstly, the infrastructure of job acquisition is ludicrous. I've been told that during the sixties and at least early seventies, you could walk out of a job in the morning and be working on the floor of your next job that afternoon. Obviously the low unemployment rate in that period was one factor, but it also meant something else; one person applying for one job, meaning that 0% of applications were rejected for certain job postings. We are told that these days, there are thousands of people applying for single positions. We are forced to accept this, but it's madness.

We now have a situation in which the process of selecting appropriate candidates has been rendered so difficult that automated computer searches through the piles of CVs are used to gut them for snippets of metadata, despite the fact that the results are often completely erroneous, just to select an elite few actually considered worthwhile reading. We are told, however, that our CVs ought to stand out from a crowd. This means that your CV needs first to conform to a general standard of content, formatting and with the correct set of whatever buzzwords happen to be in vogue at the moment, but thereafter somehow stand out. What?! At the very least, it should be apparent that since everyone is expected to make sure their CVs conform to certain standards, that those standards are, in fact, wholly irrelevant and simply exclude those whose skills do not necessarily include the ability to dick around in Word for hours on end. For the vast majority of jobs, this is not an essential skill.

The advice on writing CVs (not from you guys, but “official” sources) seems to completely ignore the realities of what workplaces are actually like. We are told to use 'active' words- achieved this and slashed that, as if we're all captains of industry or something and actually are given the opportunity make any sort of difference or contribute to society at all. The vast majority of us begrudgingly turn up for work every day doing the exact same shit for no other reason than because someone is forced to pay us to do it. What the fuck does a gas metre reader achieve beyond reading the requisite number of gas metres? How does a checkout assistant meaningfully contribute to anything? What does anyone actually get out of doing customer assistance in a bank?

It's pretty disheartening if you've never had a job before, but for those of us who've been in the world of work before- I mean, come on. We've all worked under bosses that had no idea what they were doing and qualified people who are completely incompetent. We've known environments where the one person who's good at their job gets passed up for promotion year after year in favour of a usless kiss-arse. We know privately that anyone could pick up our job after two weeks of faking it, because that's exactly what we did. We know that people keep turning up for a job that they detest because they're afraid of the vague and confusing world of jobhunting, where nothing makes sense and there's no guarantee they're going to match whatever paltry income they're on now.
We're always expected to pretend like we give a shit, like we've achieved anything, like we stand out from the crowd, that we actually want whatever job we're applying for and would be a valuable addition to the team, despite the fact that everybody knows that we're all just going through the motions. No doubt many of us lie to ourselves and tell ourselves otherwise, and many of us perhaps perceive the insanity of it all and, seeing so few others speak up against it, assume that, in fact, there's somehow something wrong with our selves. But, beneath that, we all know

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 22128 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 8:32 pm
22128 spacer
Sigh. I don't pick people. A computer sifts through the best candidate, then after they get interviewed by the hiring manager, they get hired. HR barely has a hand in it.

Why are you lot being twats for? What have I done?
>> No. 22130 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 8:46 pm
22130 spacer
>A computer sifts through the best candidate

So what, this computer is an omniscient, autonomous machine now?

Clearly at some point somebody has to set the filtering parameters. II.1 degree, n years experience etc etc. It doesn't happen by magic does it?
>> No. 22131 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 9:06 pm
22131 spacer
Then why are you lot getting angry that you don't fulfil the criteria? How does this make sense? It is not that different than making a spreadsheet with all the relevant details of the candidates, filtering, and then picking the best ones. What is the problem?
>> No. 22132 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 9:31 pm
22132 spacer
>What is the problem?

That is the problem. It's box-ticking.
>> No. 22133 Anonymous
22nd February 2016
Monday 9:45 pm
22133 spacer

It's blatantly unfair on people who don't know how to play the game. Before I went self-employed, I was working in the IT sector. My CV was gratuitously stuffed with every keyword imaginable to get through first-line filtering. I wasn't writing my CV to usefully communicate my suitability for the job, but simply to trick a bad filtering algorithm. It was like the worst kind of pre-Google SEO. I'm certain that much better candidates than me missed out on good opportunities because they weren't as cynical about the recruitment process.

HR departments frequently insist on all sorts of absurd "requirements", because they're so far removed from the actual work. Particularly for highly technical roles, they have no idea of what the job demands and what makes a good candidate. I can't count the number of times I've seen job ads requiring five years of experience in a technology that has only existed for three years.

>> No. 21695 Anonymous
7th December 2015
Monday 2:14 pm
21695 MOZZIES Locked

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 21439 Anonymous
27th October 2015
Tuesday 1:47 pm
21439 spacer
TalkTalk have apparently decided that they're going to enforce their exit fees if anyone decides that staying with a company that have had data stolen for what was at least the third time might not be a good idea. They'll only waive them if you show that you've actually had money lifted.

Filed under: cunts, utter
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>> No. 21447 Anonymous
27th October 2015
Tuesday 8:53 pm
21447 spacer
Their customers have no leverage with which to stop them.
>> No. 21456 Anonymous
28th October 2015
Wednesday 8:05 am
21456 spacer


Teenlad's villainy knows no bounds.
>> No. 21457 Anonymous
28th October 2015
Wednesday 8:45 am
21457 spacer

Literally every 15 year old plays those games! ARGH! How can they stomach printing this shite?
>> No. 21458 Anonymous
28th October 2015
Wednesday 9:00 am
21458 spacer
I bet Sentinelese 15 year olds don't. Checkmate.
>> No. 21461 Anonymous
28th October 2015
Wednesday 9:50 am
21461 spacer

Of course space aliens don't, but you're just being silly so I'm not talking to you anymore.

>> No. 21335 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 3:07 pm
21335 "eSPORTS"
Can someone please explain the appeal in watching other people play video games? My Facebook feed is exploding with people going to massive arenas to do this? Isn't the point of a video game A) that you play it and B) it's something that can be done without leaving your room?
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>> No. 21362 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:55 am
21362 spacer

I like watching longplays in which no one talks because it effectively turns the computer games into films, many of which are very absorbing and watchable.
>> No. 21363 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 3:23 pm
21363 spacer
Not OP but this has been very true to me. I'd rather play than watch.
>> No. 21364 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 5:14 pm
21364 spacer
One: I'I don't know.
Two: I somehow ended up watching hours of supreme commander 2 videos the other day.
>> No. 21366 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 8:28 pm
21366 spacer
It's all about DanTDM now. Stampy is OVAH.
>> No. 21374 Anonymous
19th October 2015
Monday 12:11 am
21374 spacer
Alright, I've had breakfast and I'm ready to post.

So usually the gameplay videos I'm watching are games that don't have very big audiences, or for videos of games I don't play it's usually because the people playing them are interesting. Those second lot are probably more akin to radio shows I guess. Also have you seen most TV? It's usually boring and being repeated for the 4th time that week, and/or full of ads.


Because Amnesia was scary and isn't narrated by a man with a nice accent, I watched this instead. Thinking about it, it is narrated by a man with a nice accent, just not a nice Shefield accent.


This is clearly bibble to anyone not familiar with this game/the inner workings of late 20th century combined arms warfare. But because not many people play this game, this is one of the few places to pick up strategies and discuss things.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 21216 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 9:55 pm


What sort of UTTER FUCKING CUNT thinks that word-diarrhoea is acceptable? All I hear in my head when I read this sort of shite is "I enjoy the smell of my own farts and I think I'm better than you".
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>> No. 21245 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 3:01 am
21245 spacer
You pay for music? Wow, you really are a hipster, aren't you?
>> No. 21247 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 3:08 am
21247 spacer
Depending on my mood I could find myself on either side of the Cereal Killer Cafe window.
>> No. 21252 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 5:03 pm
21252 spacer

Not only that, but he's too much of a special snowflake to use Spotify like the rest of us.
>> No. 21253 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 5:24 pm
21253 spacer
I switched from Spotify to Google, but can't remember why. Maybe I preferred their Android app.
>> No. 21296 Anonymous
6th October 2015
Tuesday 10:02 am
21296 spacer

I like Spotify, but I realised I've had premium for about three years, that's almost four hundred quid down the pan.

>> No. 21256 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 6:34 pm
21256 Exhibitionists
I am concerned that the world is becoming more and more exhibitionistic in the worst possible way. Any idiot with a popular enough blog/twitter/YouTube can suddenly become an over night expert in the eyes of increasingly lazy and stupid journalists who in turn feed thesencretins to the masses.

Then there is the over sharing people do on social media. Posting about your wedding is fine to a point, but a week of new fucking updates AND new albums from the same event ever day!

My neighbours also had loud sex which irked me more than it should have.
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>> No. 21263 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 7:35 pm
21263 spacer
Facebook is Jeremy Kyle but with people you know.
>> No. 21264 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 7:59 pm
21264 spacer
That sounds horrible.
>> No. 21265 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 8:20 pm
21265 spacer
Excellent and true description. I used it for about a year before, hopefully, quitting forever. The word 'used' does imply the subtly addictive qualities.

My friends list featured some fairly high profile writers, artists, and musicians I know, and guess what? They are all acting like exhibitionist teenage halfwits too. They are all calling out their partners, blatantly hitting on attached people, posting fucking selfies or pics of their horrible kids or dinners, getting catty and passive aggressive with their best mates, threatening to end it all or posting direct threats of violence drunkenly. It might be good for people who are housebound or live a long way away from their IRL mates but it's a madhouse and I've heard even worse things about twitter.
>> No. 21266 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 9:07 pm
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You're describing narcissism, not exhibitionism. I like exhibitionism, whether it's me or others doing it. It's a nice, harmless taboo.
>> No. 21274 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:01 pm
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To an extent, it has always been like this as far as I remember. If only the scale was noticeably smaller (journalists wouldn't interview those people).

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